Our Top Five Cake Decorating Books

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Cake decorating books take a lot of commitment and patience. More often than not we tend to skip instructions and browse the pretty looking cakes and photo tutorials. These books we're sharing with you today are the ones my team and I really found useful when we make our personalized cakes in our bake shop in Paranaque.

1. The Complete Photo Guide To Cake Decorating by Autumn Carpenter 

Why This Book?

This book is perfect for beginners. It showcases different basic techniques for almost all kinds of decorating with fondant and icing. The photo guide is also easy to follow.

2. Twisted Cakes by Debbie Gourd 

Why This Book?

If you're not a fan of dark and gory cakes, that's totally fine! This book still showcases cake decorating methods that are surprisingly advanced. I can truly say that Debbie Gourd's techniques in this book opened a whole new door of skills to practice.

3. Cakes To Dream On by Colette Peters 

Why This Book?

One word.


Yes, this book's title is spot on! Although I have to honestly say that the techniques in this book are quite challenging for beginners and most of the instructions take a lot of experience to easily understand, we gained a lot of influence with the author's use of colors and different styles of Colette's cakes in this book. I love how every cake had a different type of creativity and uniqueness.

4. Modern Sugar Flowers by Jacqueline Butler 

Why This Book?

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK! Recently, we have been devoting our free time practicing the methods in this book. So far, we are truly happy with the results. The flowers look soft and almost realistic. However, in order to succeed with the final output, reading each step is crucial and the tools used are important. Make sure you pack up a ton of patience and a good comfortable seat before committing to this book.

5. Chic and Unique Wedding Cakes by Zoe Clark

Why This Book?

Classy, simple, romantic and modern wedding cakes are presented in this book. It's well-illustrated and has plenty of modern procedures.

Admittedly, these books are an investment. Reading reviews online are highly suggested before splurging. I take a lot of time browsing in book stores to help me decide which book I have to have and will have the time to actually read and practice. Most books only show pretty cake pictures and are not heavy on the instructions which is already a total let down since ninety percent of the time the cakes you've seen in the books can be browsed on Google and Pinterest.

Happy reading! :)

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