5 Nifty Cellphone Camera Tricks

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Hi guys! Let me just share my short insights on cellphone cameras and how to make better shots using them.

I personally have two phones at my disposal: The Huawei P9 and the waterproof Kyocera Hydro Elite.

Today’s generation of mobile phones have now become devices that can not only just let you call and text people, but they have also turned into versatile devices that can perform multiple functions. Due to this, more people have looked into finding many ways to expand their functionality even more, like unlocking your phone to be open to all networks, using it as a video camera, and using it as a gaming platform.

One of the most widely used features in today’s smartphones is the camera. Most of the latest phone models now have two cameras, one in the front, and one at the back. The camera allows you to take quality videos and photos in a quick and convenient fashion. For most people, their smartphone is also their primary camera, capturing memories of their friends and notable places. With this in mind, it is best to find some ways to make these photos look better when taking them. Here are some nifty cellphone camera tricks that would make your pictures look better.

Make use of lighting

Most cellphones now have a flash option in their cameras, which allow you to take pictures in low-light areas. While this may be a handy feature, smartphone photos that use the built-in flash tend to still have that dim look. The best ways to take quality photos is by making use of natural light, which greatly improves the quality of your photo, and making use of bright indoor lighting, which also gives you a similar result.

Get Closer

While smartphone cameras now have the optical zoom option, there are times that the picture quality gets a slight drop. To get the best quality photo, it is best to get closer to your subject. This will allow you to get a quality photo with a great amount of detail.

Clean up your lens

Have you ever experienced seeing blurry spots when using your camera? That might mean there’s smudge or dust blocking the camera lens. Simply clean up your lens every now and then, and you may be surprised at how a clean lens makes a significant difference.

Use a different camera app

The default camera apps in most smartphones provide you with a good number of features already, but there are 3rd party apps that will take the functionality of your camera even further. Some apps allow you to explore different filters and effects to give you the right shot that you have been looking for. There are even some apps that increase the quality of your camera, which makes for some beautiful shots.

Change your perspective

When you care taking pictures with your phone camera, try experimenting different positions and perspectives on certain subjects. This will help you find out some of the best angles to use when going to different locations and subjects. There would be times that a change in perspective will turn your average photo into a great one.

Smartphone cameras have come a long way from their old VGA quality ancestors. You basically have a quality digital camera that allows you to capture the best moments out of your pocket. With these nifty camera tricks, you are sure that you can make use of your phone camera well.

*This a joint article written by Justin Estor & Larisse Espinueva.*