When Baking Becomes Boring

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Congratulations! I can confidently say that you have mastered whatever it is you used to enjoy baking. First comes the hobby, next came the home-based business.

I started baking back in high school when I would bake almost every week. At first, even a boxed cake mix would already get everyone in the house rushing to come downstairs to eat those piping hot baked goodies. Flat cookies, burnt brownies, and scorched cake tops, been there done that! And the best part, we still ate it!

First ever attempt on sugar cookies!!! Cookies were so hard and burnt! Haha

So I baked and baked until I can confidently say I've memorized the recipes and can bake five times faster than I used to. No more fears and second-guessing just an acquired skill with blazing amount of confidence that whatever recipe I frequently made will taste great!

With the business starting to pick up, it was exciting at first but when it got more demanding, baking alone everyday with no one to talk to and not much time to go out for fun, there were a lot of times that I felt unmotivated and thought that the work was very repetitive. It was always so hot, tiring, and felt extremely time-consuming. The baking "magic" was gone.

Nautical - Themed Cake and Dessert Spread 

To cut the story short, here I am now with a home-based baking business, two business partners, and one assistant who I am much grateful for. As in, it was probably the best decision I've made for the business but we'll get to that later.

So, how did I get out of the dreadful days of baking?

I didn't.

I decided to look the other way. Quitting wasn't an option. Considering the progress, the clients I had, and the income I was making, it will be such a waste to throw it all away. Plus, what was I going to do with all the tools and equipment I got? I finally acquired the skill that I am good at, why stop now?

I took several breaks and vacations but nothing seemed to work. Then, there was a lightbulb as bright as the sun that popped in my head. Maybe it's time to grow. Maybe it's not the vacation I needed but rather the solution.

Many or maybe some of you one-man/woman-show business owners are struggling with the same dilemma. So here's what I did:

1. Classes and Workshops
There is always something new to learn and master. If you're a bit stingy or budget conscious you can always learn online where it's F-R-E-E. If time and scheduling is the problem, there are a lot of online schools that offer tutorials for a reasonable price and even have promos for a monthly/annual subscription. Lastly, if you have the money and time, just sign up for a class. Consider it an investment and more of a reason to charge more for your pastries. You might even find new friends!

Online Cake Schools
1. Avalon Cake School
2. Paul Bradford Sugar Class School
- https://www.designer-cakes.com
3. Joy of Baking
- http://www.joyofbaking.com/

Some Upcoming Classes in Metro Manila

2. Find a Business Partner
Being your own boss is a dream but the power of two (or more) will always be better than one specially when it comes to baking! Deciding to get an assistant wasn't an option for me. I needed another me! Meaning, I needed another brain to share the load with. Hiring an assistant to do minimal grunt work and cleaning up is great but he/she won't think for the betterment of the business or decide on anything. No matter how many assistants you hire, they will only do what they're told.  Think of a friend who has the same passion as you or someone from baking class that has the same vision. There will always be a risk of having arguments but as long as there is mutual respect and professionalism to an extent despite the unusual setup, then everything will be A-OK! Equality is key!

Our Team with Host/Actress Melai Cantiveros of Magandang Buhay

And if you're willing to take drastic measures....

3. Comfortable Space and Working Environment
Whether finding a space in your own home or renting your own baking place, working will be better than ever. Redecorating and buying added accents will create a more inviting, inspiring and motivating environment.


4. Never Stop Improving and Brainstorming
I believe that the more you grow, the more that there is to be improved. Higher demands means higher standards. People believe in you more. If the product used to be "OK and WOW" already for the clients you used to or still have from day one, that's because they had lower expectations since you were just starting out. As time went by, I have learned that people get harder and harder to please specially when they see that you have set a standard for your product.

And if things are still boring, just bake again! Try out a new recipe, a new technique or maybe even a new trend. If it fails, then just it eat! Still a win-win!

Larisse is a full-time foodie, blogger and professional cakemaker. She makes a living making personalized cakes in Paranaque as the founder and co-owner of CANVAS Cake Studio. She blogs to relax and express her thoughts in her website: Larisse Gastronomique. She’s also known for her love of cheese and weird appreciation of odd humor.