Why Millennials Prefer Being their own Boss

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The times have indeed changed. Technology has all but taken over the world and the characteristics of people have drastically changed through the course of time. Lifestyle choices now are also vastly different from before. That said, enter Generation Y, otherwise known by many as Millennials.

Millennials are often misunderstood by many, especially in terms of their lifestyle and career choices. From wanting to start up their own companies to choosing to work in virtual offices in areas like Manila, the corporate aspects of employment have been somewhat considered “obsolete” in the sense where most millennials simply don’t want to work in the traditional sense, but rather take on more innovative and ingenious approaches to work.

To better explain the concept, here are some reasons as to why millennials prefer being their own boss:

1.  They’re motivated by their own personal goals in Life

This one is sort of a broad statement. Essentially, millennials are so focused on their own aspirations in life that they are driven to do what it takes to reach it. When millennials are employed and they feel like resigning after a period of time because they might feel like it’s going nowhere, they just simply lost the drive to stay and want to venture to new heights. It’s a characteristic that’s often misunderstood, yet, applauded by many as millennials actually show the courage to redefine themselves not just as employees, but as human being as well.

2.  They would rather work at their own pace

No one likes it when they’re suddenly stacked with deadlines to meet. But by being their own boss in their respective fields, they have the ability to set their work at their own pace. No matter how long it could take, rest assured that millennial employees will still deliver their full potentials and make sure the output of their work is of the best quality.

3.  They thrive better in a carefree work environment

The feeling of being pressured to meet deadlines and other expectations is not something one likes to feel. When an office space promotes things like board games, snack bars, and something like an all-you-can-eat buffet, the atmosphere it emits  can motivate any millennial to work extra hard for the reward of just sitting back with their feet up.

If they’re being their own boss, the value they would want to instill into their employees is to “work hard, play hard”.

4.  They set their own rules and regulations to abide by

It’s not because they detest authority but, as mentioned before, they just choose to take on a new approach with how they work. When they become their own bosses at their own companies, they will now have the ability to set their own company rules, regulations and other policies for themselves and their employees to abide by. Also, they’re a bit more lenient on the rules they make but nonetheless strict on having them followed.

Times have changed for everyone but it doesn’t mean that tradition should be completely disregarded. With millennials preferring to work by themselves, for themselves, think of modern employment as “reinventing” the times. Besides, they are among the independent people you see nowadays, focusing on putting their plans to fruition and taking matters in their own hands all while expecting the many forms of authority.

If you think about it, corporations can learn a thing or two about millennials. They work at their fullest, while making work as fun as it can be.