What Type of Driver Are You?

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In today’s digital age, more and more personality quizzes are incessantly being created. For this reason, these personality quizzes have become so popular – from Facebook, Twitter, and even on magazines – you can see these types of quizzes everywhere over the internet. Amongst these personality quizzes, one quiz stood out the most – which is the driver personality test.

It is no great secret that the number of car enthusiasts are ceaselessly increasing. More and more people are taking time to see and check different car brands such as Ford, Honda, and Toyota by visiting their websites. This is the very reason why the driver personality test has been the talk of the town now.

According to the number of personality tests about driver behavior, these are the types of driver that are present in the road today:

·         The Teacher
·         The Know-It-All
·         The Competitor
·         The Punisher
·         The Philosopher
·         The Avoider
·         The Escapee
·         The Peacemaker
·         The Safety Stickler
·         The Uneasy Rider

Now let’s discuss these personalities thoroughly.

The Teacher
The Teacher is thee one who makes sure that other drivers know what they have done wrong on the road. As a result, the teacher expects to gain recognition for his/her efforts in teaching fellow drivers.

The Know-It-All
This type of driver arrogantly thinks that he/she is surrounded by incompetent fools and noobs on the road. The Know-It-All type of drivers always contents themselves by means of shouting and cursing disdainfully at other drivers while being protected and secured inside of their own vehicles.

The Competitor
The Competitor drivers are the ones that feel the need of being ahead of everyone on the road. When this need is not fulfilled, he/she then feels annoyed.  As a result, the competitors will then have a tendency to accelerate and over speed when someone on the road tries to overtake or take a close gap to them.

The Punisher
The Punisher types are somewhat the road rage drivers of the highway. When other drivers misbehave or made a mistake while driving, the punishers then have that feeling of punishing them by getting out of their car and approaching or confronting the other driver/s directly.

The Philosopher
The Philosopher drivers are the opposite of the Punisher drivers. This type of drivers usually accepts misbehaviors and mistakes on the road easily and tries to explain these unfortunate circumstances rationally. Moreover, the Philosophers consistently manages their feelings in the comfort of their vehicle.

The Avoider
This type of driver surprisingly treats misbehaving drivers impersonally. In other words, they dismisses disobedient drivers as a hazard.

The Escapee
The Escapee type of drivers that distracts themselves by means of talking to the phone or listening to music while driving. They do this in order to sheath themselves on the things that is happening on the road. In addition, the escapee drivers use this as a strategy so that they will not get frustrated in the first place.

The Peacemaker
This type of road drivers refers to the laid-back motorists who literally avoids trouble and confrontation while on the road. The Peacemakers are usually not in favor of additional regulations and are really courteous to other road drivers.

The Safety Stickler
The Safety Stickler drivers are the type of persons that are strictly follows the traffic and road rules by heart. These are also the type of drivers that are in favor of stricter road and traffic rules for motorists and stiff penalties for law breakers.

The Uneasy Rider
The Uneasy Rider group are the type of drivers that are not in favor of tightening traffic laws. For this reason, they tend to drive too quickly even though they may get across to other road users.

Key Takeaway

Given all these type of personalities on the road, which one of these do you think you are?