Ways to Create an Amazing Customer Experience

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Presently, more and more venturing business persons are aiming to create a successful enterprise. They spend more time and effort on making their products and services better. But what they do not know is that they should also focus on making their customer experience great, especially in a customer acquisition career.

For this reason, here are some of the most effective ways to create an amazing customer service that will ultimately lead their business to success.

Identify Where is the Customer in the Customer Journey
Knowing where your customers are in the customer journey is the primary step in creating and attaining an amazing customer experience. Are the customers just browsing through your page and your products? Or are they purchasing from time to time? When your customers look for a certain product but are unsure of which brand is the best choice, they will most likely be in one of these four vital stages:

§  Discovery
This is the first stage of the customer journey – when your customers are just looking but not yet ready to purchase something. Offering and providing them with reliable and accurate information about your brand, product, and service will greatly aid them to move on to the next stage.

§  Assessment
The assessment stage is when your customers are thinking thoroughly about their needs and how a particular brand, product, and service will help them. By this stage, your customers still have still a lot of queries point. This is why they will still reach out to your business or company directly to find out more of the product and service that you offer.

§  Selection
In this stage, your customers are already prepared to make a decision about the specific product that they will purchase from your business or company. When this happens, you have to make sure that you have built a rock-solid trust between you and your customer by offering personalized deals that can ultimately lead to your customer making a purchase.

§  Purchase
As a customer firmly decides about the product that your company offers, then they will finally purchase it from you.

These four stages in the customer’s journey is an essential factor in creating an amazing customer experience. By remembering these phases, you are ensured that you know where your customers stand and can confidently pinpoint what problems your customers may encounter with.

Use Marketing Tools in Creating a Personalized Customer Experience
In today’s digital age, there are a number of marketing tools that you can use in order to make your job a lot easier. In addition, these marketing tools can also aid you to generate better results for your business. But in order to attain this, you must first have enough knowledge and a better understanding of who your customer is. As a result, this will help you in knowing where your customer stands in the customer journey and you can freely and effectively use these marketing tools.

Given that we live in a digital era, there are a lot of marketing tools’ categories and platforms that can help you and your business to obtain the right funnel and acquire customers in the process:

§  Analytics
Analytic tools will enable you to thoroughly evaluate customer behavior. Additionally, it will also help you to find out the effectiveness of conversion funnels and traffic channels.

§  Helpdesk
Having a help desk to aid your customers is one of the best marketing tools any business can have. By acquiring and obtaining a help desk, you are systematically answering queries in a timely way. Remember that email is not enough when you are controlling and managing a whole business.

§  Social Media Automation
Hootsuite, Buffer, and other social media applications will ultimately enable you to schedule posts in advance. Additionally, you can also use these social media applications and platforms to track the social interactions you are getting.

Monitor and Understand the Customer Behavior
Keeping a keen eye on your customers can greatly help you to make further improvements to your product offerings and sales process. This is why analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Lucky Orange, and Online Conversion Insights will ultimately play an essential role in your business or company.

What you need to look at is where your customers are located, what device are they using to access your business’ website, how your leads are discovering you, how many times a visitor has visited and viewed your site, and how many purchases they’ve made. By understanding your customers and their interests, they will surely notice it and the more you gain leverage amongst your competitors in the market. Additionally, this will ultimately provide you with valuable insights and reflections that you can use and adapt for your next step.

Key Takeaway
Creating, procuring, and attaining an amazing customer experience is not all about your products. Though your business or company’s products are important, but then, selling your product is not entirely the solution. Remember that you should also vend experience. When you provide the experience, then the customers will love you and they will surely keep coming back for more.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*