Self Med-Kit: 4 Drugs You Can Buy To Fight The Summer Flu

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With summer peeking around the corner, the potential dangers that the heat will bring will cause a myriad of diseases or sicknesses that can harm you! Which is why it’s good to stock up on the medication for the common sicknesses during summer! Also visiting the nearest drugstore around you will never be a hassle because it has never been a sin to buy something that can alleviate any problem that your body experiences!

So, to help you gain knowledge that pertains to the medicines that you need to stock up on, here’s a list!

#1. Decongestant

Decongestants can be pretty helpful to alleviate the congestion in your nasal or sinus area. Unlike other medications that cause drowsiness, decongestants have the inverse effect to the human body that make people who had ingested the medicine to be hyperactive, and it can also keep you awake for a period of time! So, when taking decongestants to help with the problem with you sinus/nasal area, make sure that you’re taking it at a time where you don’t need to rest or sleep because it will only keep you awake and hyper, and can actually keep you away from that rest that you so desperately need.

#2. Antihistamine

On the other hand, if you have a runny nose, or a serious case of post-nasal dripping, you can take antihistamines to help you stop that annoying occurrence of having snot dripping down your nose. Also, if you have itchy and watery eyes, antihistamines could also help you. Remember: when taking antihistamines, make sure that you have time to rest after the ingestion because this medicine will make you drowsy! So, after taking the medicine, get that well-needed rest to help speed up your recovery period.

Also, along with the decongestant, both these medicines have the capability to mix poorly with other medicines, such as those that you take to help with heart problems. Another thing to take note of is, decongestants and antihistamines are detrimental to people who have high blood pressure, because they can potentially increase the pressure and will entail having dangerous health problems.

#3. Ibuprofen

To alleviate the pain from having the flu, you can take ibuprofen to help you! It is mainly used to help lessen physical pain that you may experience, and it can also help you reduce the fever that you’re experiencing. It effectively works because it stops your body’s ability to produce substances that cause inflammation or swelling, which will directly alleviate the pain you experience because the whole inflammatory process is halted!

But, you should remember that a fever is our body’s reaction to foreign bacteria or viruses that illegally entered our bodies! That’s why most doctors would recommend that when you have a fever, it’s better to let it be rather than taking medications to immediately make the fever disappear. Why? Because the fever is actually “burning” or “attacking” the foreign body that entered! Basically, fevers can be a good thing because it automatically energizes your immune system, and it help with the process of fighting bacterias and viruses.

The heat that summer brings will always be a potential danger to any person’s health. The main thing to focus on about is to know which medications to take when you get sick. Or, better yet, avoid getting sick by regularly taking you daily dose of vitamin C and other essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals!

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*