DIY Tips To Prevent Termites

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One of the most annoying infestations you can experience is that of termites. First, they cause damage to your house that will cost you a lot of money and time. Second, they work in high numbers which makes them hard to get rid of. Termite infestations will usually occur in areas where the soil is rich in moisture because termites, essentially, rely on the moisture of the soil to survive.

If you’re experiencing problems with termites, you can read on and be educated on the ways to control the termites that lurk inside and around your house!

Liquid Termiticide
Also known as barrier termite treatment, this process is done by pouring liquid termiticide into the crawl space where the termites use to enter a structure or house. The liquid should reach all the way to the soil where the ants get their daily dose of moisture, when it reaches the soil, the termiticide seals the soil and makes it inaccessible to the termites which will eventually kill them off.

By choosing this method, it will garner faster results but if certain criteria are achieved, the difficulty will increase. If you have an existing termite infestation, and you see where they enter and exit your house or structure, you just have to pour the termiticide inside the crawl space and you’re all set! But, if you can’t detect the crawl space, drilling will be required - which will be exponentially harder if you drill through concrete and other hard materials.

Another thing to take note of is: non repellent termiticides are actually more effective than the repellent termiticides! This is because when you use repellent termiticides, they seal off the soil, but the termites smell the seal as a repellent and they can maneuver to avoid the sealed part and can find soil that was not sealed. But, when you use the non-repellent termiticide, when it seals off the soil, the termites can’t detect the sealed part, hence, they can’t maneuver and look for other soil that were not sealed.

Termite Bait

Using bait to stop your termite infestation will be an effective way but it will take up a longer amount of time. Instead of using chemicals on the soil, you can scatter termite bait around the structure or house will attract the termites inside, and they’ll come outside to eat the bait, and when they eat it, they will eventually die. You can also use the termite bait to know the areas where the termites are located in. When one of the baits are eaten but the others aren’t then that means that the termites are located around the area where the bait was eaten.

Termite baits work the best when you live in areas where the conditions are against the use of termiticides, such as areas around bodies of water. Or if you want to avoid using insecticides around your house then you can opt to use the termite baits to approach the termite infestation in an organic way.

Termite infestations will always be an irritating occurrence, all you need to know is that they are certainly treatable, and you can even eliminate their nests. You need to do the appropriate research to do your termite pest control because if you do it wrong, you’ll be damaging the soil around your house - or even the house itself.

*This is a gust post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only.*