3 Safety Measures for "The Big One"

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For the past few weeks, we have bombarded with news about earthquakes occurred in different parts of the country. Everyone now is wondering if the Big One will happen anytime soon. On the contrary, no one will ever know when the Big One hits. It can only be predicted based on the movement of the plates.

According to experts, the Big One could possibly generate a magnitude of 7.2 earthquake, strong enough that it can kill up to 35,000 people and damage even the tallest skyscrapers and condominiums in The Fort and nearby areas.

Preparedness is the key when it comes to earthquake since this type of disaster may happen anytime without warning. To give you glimpse of the necessary things that you need to know, we provided a quick guide on different safety measures that one must know in case the Big One strike.

Before the Earthquake
  •        Be prepared. Make time in identifying the safe places near your house. So in case a disaster occurs, you will know where to go.
  •        Master the drop, cover, and hold technique so if earthquake happens, your response will be automatic.
  •        Build up your emergency survival kit. Having like this when disaster occur is essential since it will save you (most likely) in the first 72 hours after disaster strikes.An emergency survival kit should have water (good for drinking, washing, and cooking), food (include high-energy food, such as crackers, peanut butter, and jelly), first-aid kit that includes bandages and adhesive strips, hygiene kit that has wet wipes, undergarment, toothpaste, and toothbrush, and emergency tools, such as flashlight with batteries, whistle, and sleeping bag.
  •        Organize the arrangement of your furniture and make sure that there are enough passageways going out.

During the Earthquake
  •         Remain calm and do the drop, cover, and hold technique.
  •         If an earthquake strike, stay under a sturdy desk or table to protect your head. Don’t leave until the shaking stops.
  •        Stay away from anything that can possibly fall, such as frames and windows.
  •        In case that you are in an outdoor are when earthquake occur, stay away from buildings, power lines, and trees as these are falling hazards.

After the Earthquake
  •        Stay calm and be prepared for the aftershocks.
  •        If the shaking stops and debris settles, you can move from your position.
  •        Check for any damaged electric wiring in your house since this can cause fire.
  •       Check for any gas leaks, too. Turn off your gas if you smell gas leaking.
  •         As much as possible, do not walk around barefoot. There may be broken glasses or spilled chemicals that might harm you.

Disaster such as earthquake is unpredictable. We will never know when it will come or if it will still strike. Unlike in typhoon, earthquake may happen without warning. So, it is important that you are prepared and know what to do in case it happen. Just refer to this simple guide to be prepared when Big One strike.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only.*