The Secret BGC Steakhouse: More Than Just a Steak

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Identified as the fast developing city in the Metro today, Bonifacio Global City is the new go-to place for people who wants to relax and unwind after a long day. The place is packed with shopping malls, parks, coffee shops, and even condos for sale in The Fort.

On the other hand, dining spots in BGC provides a vast variety of food – from burgers and fries, rice and chicken, fish and chips, and steaks. There are several steak houses in the area that are open for all the steak lovers. Amidst all these steak houses, do you know who serves the best steak in town?

Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912 is a newly opened steak house that is situated in the not so busy part of BGC. Aside from the fact that they serve the top steaks, they also offer other stuff other than steak.

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Start your night with their mouth-watering appetizers.
Foundry has definitely leveled up the game of starters because of the rich and balanced flavors that each dish has. From the classic Caesar salad, Tuna Poke, to the Deep Sea Hokkaido Scallops, each appetizer will surely taste excellently while you devour it. After experiencing them, you’ll be coming and wanting back for more.

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Probably the finest steaks you’ll ever have.
They serve main course dishes such as Char-grilled Norwegian King Salmon, Line-caught Yellow Fin Tuna, Organic Free-Range Chicken, and The Foundry Burger. All of which are as good as it sounds. However, people are going to their place because of (wait for it) their premium signature steaks! 

What makes their steaks the finest among the rest is because they practice wet and dry ageing to promote the meat’s exceptional flavor and tenderness. In addition, they use native wood and charcoal to grill their steaks. One thing you must remember when you order their steaks, they do not serve well-done steaks since it will greatly affect the steak’s flavor and tenderness.

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Dessert, anyone?
From the mouth-watering appetizer, to the delectable main course and premium steak meats, we now go to dessert! There is a specific dessert bar situated in the place. They serve a variety of sweets, from Yogurt Cheesecakes, Apple Crumble, and Chocolate Mousse paired with some signature cocktails.

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Let’s drink to that!
Not ready to end the night? Foundry offers a variety of alcoholic beverages that is created by Milena Matjosaityte, a hand-picked bartender from Lithuania. If you want an exciting drink, ask the bartender and you’ll get the most stirring drink of your life. An example of their drinks is the Isla (Grey Goose vodka mixed with a house-made tropical syrup) which is perfect if you want that beach party vibes. Another drink they offer is the Te-Quil-A Dragon (Blanco tequila mixed with dragon fruit, tamarind, egg white, and green-tinged sea salt) is the perfect beverage if you are the spontaneous kind of person that wants excitement in a drink.

Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912 is the best place to be if you want to have a relaxing night out with your friends, loved ones, or if you want to just have that long awaited alone time. Indeed, the place truly innovated the steak house game because of the great ideas they implemented in the place.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only.*