5 Fictional Cars Better than your Ride

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Ever since the invention of the first automobile; cars have always been a constant in the lives of humans. Through the years, cars continue to progress while car-makers pursue innovation; to accommodate the ever-changing needs and demand of the buyers. But the truly futuristic vehicles that leave anyone who sees it in awe, also known as “dream cars” are limited to only be seen in movies and television screens, but don’t let that stop you; with enough drive to push you to limits, you can build your own dream car. Just learn to look in the places where people often disregard; or in the least likely of places. You’ll never know! You might find the piece you’re looking for in some heap of metal parts in the Philippines.

Of course, building your dream car isn’t cheap, and it consumes a lot of your time. That’s why people call it an investment! But when you finish building your dream car, you’ll experience a joy that’s hard to forget. If you’d like inspirations for your dream car, here’s a list of fictional cars that are better than your current ride:

#1. KITT from Knight Rider

KITT stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand; it’s a highly intelligent vehicle that prioritizes the safety of its owner above everything else. KITT can see, smell, think, hear, remember, and with it’s high intelligence, it can also drive itself. Aside from it closely functioning like a human, KITT has gadgets installed in it; there are grappling hooks, lasers, radars, tear gas, and a parachute; to name a few. If you’re looking for a car than can also act as your friend and can talk to you, then KITT should be your inspiration.

#2. Christine from Christine

If you have the inner urge to kill someone then you can use Stephen King’s creation as a reference. Christine is a vintage car that is possessed by supernatural forces, it delights in killing its victims using different parts of the vehicle. One way that Christine killed its victims is trapping them inside the car and eject exhaust fumes to slowly kill them. But the best thing about Christine is not its psychotic tendencies but its ability to repair itself.

#3. The Batmobile from the Dark Knight Trilogy

Christopher Nolan’s adaptation of the caped crusader introduced us to a brand-new image of the beloved bat mobile. Although there were many incarnations, the Christopher Nolan version is arguably the most advanced and most realistic out of all of them. It featured missiles, machine guns, armor that is near-impenetrable, has remote control function, and it can be converted to a motorcycle. Oh, was having a rocket engine that can propel it to great speeds mentioned?

#4. Mach 5 from Speed Racer

A car that is made for speed; the Mach 5 is vehicle built to outrun every other car in existence. Its features include having jump jack under it so it can jump a short distance, special grip tires that can have traction on any kind of terrain, rotary saws that can clear obstacles in its way, a deflector that is bullet-proof and can seal the cockpit for underwater driving, extra-strong headlights, and it can be used underwater for 30 mins. This is a car that cannot be stopped by natural forces.

#5. DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future

Can anything beat a car that can time travel? Maybe not, but through the creativity and passion of people there may come a time that people can exceed the sheer magnificence of the DeLorean DMC – 12. Can you imagine how much adventure you can have with a time travelling car? Lots and lots! You can meet legends from the past or you can see what the future hold. The possibilities are endless!

With enough creativity and passion anyone can build something that surpasses common sense. We just have to wait and see what the future holds.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*