What to Do When a Rabid Dog Attacks

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Dog bites can occur at the most unexpected times; it can happen when you are walking yourself to the office, running for a daily jog, or when you’re just hanging out in the park. Worse, it can take place at the comforts of your own home. But what are the right and wrong steps to consider when a dog viciously bites you? Here are some survival tips to consider when a dog attacks at your most vulnerable period.
Attend to the injury. Place a towel over the injury to stop any bleeding. Remember to keep the injured area elevated. Then, carefully clean the wound properly using mild soap and rinsing it with running water. Remember to keep the injured area hygienic always. After cleaning the wound, dress it with sterilized bandages. Avoid touching the wound with unclean hands and keep it away from substances that can make it more infected.

Examine the wound. Observe closely for signs of infection, for instance, redness within the area of the wound, warmth, or pus discharges. When these symptoms are present in the injured area, see a doctor immediately.

Call the attention of the dog’s owner. When the dog has an owner, it is best to call their attention to let them know that their dog has attacked you. Telling them immediately is vastly recommended so the dog may be instantly examined if it has rabies. If a stray dog bit you, calling the authorities’ attention straightaway is advised so they can place a proper action to the dog and ensure safety to the neighborhood.

See a doctor. If your wound has ceaselessly progressed and you feel feverish, and you can no longer move the bitten area, seek a medical professional quickly. Take anti-tetanus and rabies shots immediately and be thoroughly examined by your doctor. Several medicines, such as antibiotics and prescription pain medicines are needed to prevent the continuous spread of virus in the body. Follow up checkups must be attended and series of shots are to be taken depending on what will your doctor suggests.

Follow medications as directed. Follow your doctor’s instructions in taking medications. Dog bites are to be taken seriously because if not well attended to, it can lead to death. If the prescribed medicines are not helping with your situation or has side effects, contact your doctor immediately and be reexamined again.

Dogs may be man’s best friend. However, keep in mind that they are still animals and have their own way of protecting their selves to possible predators. They tend to attack someone or something that they feel as a threat to them. Taking precautions like looking for warning signs, avoiding aggravating dogs, and other premeasured actions that can save you from being bitten. Moreover, treating them with respect and not disturbing their personal space can decrease the chances of getting dog attacks. Keep in mind that animals have feelings, too. It is important to be aware of valuing their territory and existence in this world.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*


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