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How to Create an Indoor Garden

Gardening is one of the oldest yet creative hobbies up to this day. Did you know that garden is not only limited to an outdoor area? You can create garden even inside your home. Many DIY projects for home are available on the Internet to guide you on how to build an indoor garden. Bring the outdoor vibe inside your house by following the simple instructions below on how to create an indoor garden.

Choose your Plants and Buy the Seeds
The first thing that you need to do when you decided to create an indoor garden is to choose what kind of plants you want to grow inside your house. Save money from buying fruits and veggies in the grocery by picking edible plants, such as carrots, lemons, and tomatoes. On the other hand, if you are after the plants that help in cleaning indoor air, aloe vera, bamboo palm, and Chinese evergreen might be a great choice.
According to many garden experts, choose buying seeds rather than purchasing a grown plant right away since seeds are less expensive than plants, allowing you to save money. Many home and garden centers sell variety of seeds that you can choose from.

Pick an Appropriate Location for your Chosen Plants
A successful indoor garden definitely relies on the chosen indoor space. When choosing a space for your indoor garden, consider the space’s temperature and amount of sunlight. Here are the many factors that you need to consider when choosing the location of your indoor garden.
-       Avoid spaces, such as attic and garage since these rooms have cold temperatures. Cold temperature can kill or slow down the growth of your plants.
-       Choose an area near window so that your plants will have a good exposure to the sunlight.
-       Choose an area that has a good circulation of air since plants need good ventilation and air flow to grow healthy.
Make or Reuse Containers
Creating an indoor garden does not need to have to be expensive. Save money by making and reusing containers for your plants. Yogurt cups, old soda bottles, and tin cans make a good container for your indoor plants. Just make sure that the containers you will be using are sturdy enough to hold your chosen plants.

Prepare the Soil and Plants
After you choose your plants and make your containers, now is the time to prepare the seedlings and soil. Most seed packages have their instruction label to guide you on how to prepare and set up the seeds.

Water your Plants Wisely
Water is one of the most needed nutrients of plants. As much as possible, water your plants on a daily basis. Watering your indoor plants is quite crucial so the drainage holes in your container must be enough. Furthermore, check the soil moisture of your plants to ensure the consistency of it and guarantee that it gets the right amount of water.
Put Some Light
In case that the position of your plant can’t have enough exposure to the sunlight, you can fix it by adding some light near the area of your plant. You can position the light either upper the containers or under the plants.

Growing plants inside your home is a great way to brighten and freshen up your humble abode. Start growing plants inside your home by following the simple guide above. 

*This is a guest post by Laurel Santos and is for informational purposes only*