4 Hot Spots to Try This Summer

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Summer time is coming once again and whether you’re looking to go sun bathing, play beach volleyball, go for a dive or try out luxury camping, the Philippines has the best places for you to try right now. You have come to the right place if you’re looking for a place to travel either with your family or friends this coming summer. There are various destinations in the Philippines each having its own unique characteristic, whether it be the sights or activities. You will definitely find what you are looking for or even something new.


You can’t have a list of summer hot spots and not have Boracay on the list. If you love the sun, beach and good times, these are also the same words used to describe Boracay. With its white sandy beaches and numerous bars and restaurants around it is the perfect place for a quick trip with your friends. It has become a great tourist destination because of the big and small resorts and hotels popping up.


Cebu offers more than just sand and sea this city also houses many historical sites, makes sense as it is also considered as the oldest city in the Philippines. They have amazing natural views and yes, the beaches are breathtaking. Don’t forget about the people, you will find the most hospitable people in Cebu. Finally, Cebu is well known for whale shark encounters, you can even see them up close and personal as you dive and swim with them


Bohol, home of the famous chocolate hills, has the perfect blend of natural and historical wonders. It is also home to a Tarsier Conservatory, home to the smallest primate in the world. Not to mention that a quick drive to the island of Panglao will satisfy all your beach cravings. Panglao island is not short of beachside resorts that put you right up to the coast and these resorts all offer similar services so you cant go wrong with any of them. Take a trip by boat to neighboring islands, enjoy untouched beaches and maybe spot a dolphin or two on the way there.


A break from the typical beach destination, Romblon offers more than just beaches, it offers a new experience. Within Romblon is Tablas island, here you can find a beautiful fish sanctuary right in the middle of the bay. Yes there are also a lot of beaches to get your daily dose of fun in the sun. The biggest difference is the opportunity to go glamping. Glamorous camping has been a new trend and is definitely a must try for the adventurous type looking for a new hobby.

There is no reason for you to not check out any of the places in the list, transportation options are readily available and accommodation options come in bunches. You can’t say you had a boring summer break with so many options destinations with so many activities. These are just 4 destinations out of so many islands in the Philippines, feel free to take your pick.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*