What is the Buyer’s Journey?

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In today’s age of technology, digital content marketing is one of the important process to consider if you want to create and distribute significant content that will entice an audience that will eventually “drive profitable customer action” in the process.

This may look easy, but in reality, it’s not. In order to attract an audience to become consistent customers, one must have a pertinent plan. This is why the buyer’s journey needs to be understood wholly.

The buyer’s journey can simply be defined as “the active research process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase”. It is a crucial phase where a certain person decides whether or not to purchase something. This journey has three (3) major stages, which are:

  • Awareness Stage
  • Consideration Stage
  • Decision Stage

Now let’s expound each of the stages carefully to understand it better.

The Awareness Stage

The beginning of the process starts with your audience going through an issue. But first, they must know what the problem is specifically in order for them to begin looking for possible solutions. Once it is identified, the search for answers are on. They begin probing for people who have experienced the same query they’re going through by surfing the internet, reading blogs, and asking contemporaries for that matter.

This is where your business come into the picture.

Letting your audience know that you are credible for providing the best solution to their problem allows them to be aware of your company. Provide guidelines, tips, or scenarios so your audience perceives that you understand their needs which makes them consider your product and your company among others.

The Consideration Stage

At this point, your audience has most likely narrowed certain companies down their choices which tends to put them into a deeper research – again.

During the course of their in-depth study of each chosen companies, your audience will begin comparing this vendor to another. They will gather every information they can get while weighing what company will most likely aid them reach their ultimate solution.

Overtime, your audience will have a clearer view to where they will entrust their issues to, which brings us to the final stage of the journey.

The Decision Stage

Of all the companies at hand, your audience has decided purchase from you.

Your audience opted for you. The only thing that is left to do is to praise and brag about your product, hence, you must have supporting facts to back-up your product and company.

Provide customer testimonials about how awesome and positive your product has helped them, or prepare a list of comments indicating optimistic experiences of your customers and how has it been trusting you rather than any other companies in the market.

Be transparent with your customers. That is the secret of gaining your customers’ trust and loyalty with you, your product, and your company.

Every audience has a variety of needs in their daily lives. It is the reason why businesses should have a better knowledge and understanding of the different issues that their audience face.

By understanding the buyer’s journey, you help your audience pick the best choices and solutions to their queries, and in return, may give you long-term profitable customer actions.

Always remember that a company’s ultimate goal must always help their customers with solutions to their problems.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*


The Eco-Friendly Cars in the Philippines that the World Needs Right Now

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In an era where global warming is a crucial event that the world is going through right now, the immediate actions on promoting eco-friendly materials are fully raised across the country. Plastic bags, Styrofoam, and other harmful things were discouraged for mass utilization. Several car companies then produced eco-friendly vehicles that has the best steel tubes in the Philippines that will not only improve one’s lifestyle but also partake in raising awareness of global warming and climate change that is relevant in the world now.

Most people want to shift to green cars, hence, they lack information of the best environmental cars available in the market. Thus this short list of ecological vehicles might help you choose and drive your own eco car.

Lexus CT200h

Its name stands for “Creative Touring” which best describe its dynamic beauty, only finest.
Though it is the smallest car produced by the known luxury brand, the characteristics of this darling will make you realize that going green has never been this better. It is equipped with an ECO option in the drive mode select feature. From its sleek design, luxurious comfort, to its best performance yet, the Lexus CT200h is a must-have if you desire to acquire a hybrid luxury car.

Honda CR-Z

If you’re one of those sports car enthusiasts, this might be just the best pick for you. From its sporty front and rear bumpers to its cozy interior, the Honda CR-Z is jam-packed with advanced controls, power and efficient performance, and comfortable safety while you’re on the road. The vehicle also comes with a 3-mode driving system; Sport, Normal, and Eco. Now that’s surely a catch!

Honda Legend 3.5 Sport Hybrid

Known for the company’s “Smart Exhilarating Luxury” flagship, Honda introduced its first hybrid car under the luxury vehicle segment. The Honda Legend 3.5 Sport Hybrid has a high-output and fuel-efficient system in one engine with three electric motors. It features a 7-speed dual clutch transmission system and an all-wheel drive. Honda’s Earth Dream Technology is used in its engine which reduces fuel usage to boost fuel economy.

Lexus NX300h

For all those adventure junkies that loves to be in the great outdoors, the Lexus NX300h will be your next best friend. Drivers can now experience compact driving inside a SUV. With its extra spacious seats that are driven with comfort and technological features such as the Remote Touch Interface, this green car can make your wanderlust journeys more pleasurable.


Now this bad boy here isn’t any regular sedan. Power-driven with a dual-mode system that runs on an advanced turbocharged engine and a powerful electromotor, the BYD Qin is one of the company’s project under “Green Mobility”. This green vehicle features includes a rear view camera, front and rear fog lamps, and dual mode power sun roof that makes it one of a kind.

Choosing to go green is one of the great things the world needs now. It can help lessen the deterioration of Mother Nature which results to living in a healthier environment and improve every mankind’s well-being. It is never too late to change the world. Start with you. Start now.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*


What to Do When a Rabid Dog Attacks

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Dog bites can occur at the most unexpected times; it can happen when you are walking yourself to the office, running for a daily jog, or when you’re just hanging out in the park. Worse, it can take place at the comforts of your own home. But what are the right and wrong steps to consider when a dog viciously bites you? Here are some survival tips to consider when a dog attacks at your most vulnerable period.
Attend to the injury. Place a towel over the injury to stop any bleeding. Remember to keep the injured area elevated. Then, carefully clean the wound properly using mild soap and rinsing it with running water. Remember to keep the injured area hygienic always. After cleaning the wound, dress it with sterilized bandages. Avoid touching the wound with unclean hands and keep it away from substances that can make it more infected.

Examine the wound. Observe closely for signs of infection, for instance, redness within the area of the wound, warmth, or pus discharges. When these symptoms are present in the injured area, see a doctor immediately.

Call the attention of the dog’s owner. When the dog has an owner, it is best to call their attention to let them know that their dog has attacked you. Telling them immediately is vastly recommended so the dog may be instantly examined if it has rabies. If a stray dog bit you, calling the authorities’ attention straightaway is advised so they can place a proper action to the dog and ensure safety to the neighborhood.

See a doctor. If your wound has ceaselessly progressed and you feel feverish, and you can no longer move the bitten area, seek a medical professional quickly. Take anti-tetanus and rabies shots immediately and be thoroughly examined by your doctor. Several medicines, such as antibiotics and prescription pain medicines are needed to prevent the continuous spread of virus in the body. Follow up checkups must be attended and series of shots are to be taken depending on what will your doctor suggests.

Follow medications as directed. Follow your doctor’s instructions in taking medications. Dog bites are to be taken seriously because if not well attended to, it can lead to death. If the prescribed medicines are not helping with your situation or has side effects, contact your doctor immediately and be reexamined again.

Dogs may be man’s best friend. However, keep in mind that they are still animals and have their own way of protecting their selves to possible predators. They tend to attack someone or something that they feel as a threat to them. Taking precautions like looking for warning signs, avoiding aggravating dogs, and other premeasured actions that can save you from being bitten. Moreover, treating them with respect and not disturbing their personal space can decrease the chances of getting dog attacks. Keep in mind that animals have feelings, too. It is important to be aware of valuing their territory and existence in this world.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*


What To Do When Your Dog Has Cataracts?

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Just like humans, dogs are also prone to various diseases that can affect their eyesight. One of the dreaded diseases is the cataract—an eye condition that refers to the clouding of the eye’s lens, which varies from partial to complete opacity. Cataracts in dogs cause your pet to have a blurry vision and can eventually turn to blindness.
So, it is essential to pet owners like you to instantly determine the signs and symptoms of canine cataracts. With this, you can immediately find remedy to your pet’s condition that can save him from having poor eyesight and visual impairment. Read on and let us learn what you should do when you found out that your canine friend has cataract.

Cataract Treatment Options

-       Take your dog to a veterinarian – The first thing that you should do when you find out that your dog has cataract, take him to your trusted veterinarian. Your vet is the only person that can determine if your dog has really cataracts. He or she will run a preliminary eye exam to your dog. He or she may ask the history of your dog’s health, to determine what triggers the eye condition. Moreover, the vet will conduct a physical exam as well.
Provide dog antioxidants and vitamins – Dogs, like people, need additional nutritional, too, in fighting off the cataracts. Provide your dog that by giving them the right antioxidants and vitamins. Make sure to ask first your vet what are the best antioxidants and vitamins for dogs who suffer cataracts. On the other hand, you can also mix some healthy oils, such as cod liver oil to your dog’s food.  A healthy change in your dog’s diet can also help in fighting off the development of the cataracts.

-       Acupuncture therapy – You can consider acupuncture therapy in dealing with canine cataracts. Ask your vet if they can suggest a reliable therapist. An acupuncturist may focus on the areas of the body that are associated with the vision problems. However, therapy technique may not be a good option for those dogs who suffer from anxiety since the whole therapy process will cause stress to them. 

-       Regularly monitor the cataract –After your visit to the vet, he or she may ask you to monitor the state of your dog from then on. Since you already confirm that your dog has cataracts, make sure to continue observing his health.  List down any changes you notice since after your vet visit. You can tell these noticeable changes to your vet. With this, your vet will recommend if your dog needs an eye surgery or not.

-       Consider using dog cataracts eye drop – Choosing a dog cataracts eye drop will spare you from huge expenses since eye surgery will cost you much. Opting for an eye drop is hypoallergic and efficient, too. Definitely, a safe option for your dog.

-       Eye Surgery – An eye surgery is a procedure done to remove the cataracts in your dog’s lenses. A complete physical examination is usually done to ensure that the dog is strong enough to ensure the eye surgery.

Just remember this simple guide to ensure the safety of your dog, even if he has cataract. Keep an eye to your dog over time to make sure that he does not show any signs of complications.  

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*


4 Hot Spots to Try This Summer

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Summer time is coming once again and whether you’re looking to go sun bathing, play beach volleyball, go for a dive or try out luxury camping, the Philippines has the best places for you to try right now. You have come to the right place if you’re looking for a place to travel either with your family or friends this coming summer. There are various destinations in the Philippines each having its own unique characteristic, whether it be the sights or activities. You will definitely find what you are looking for or even something new.


You can’t have a list of summer hot spots and not have Boracay on the list. If you love the sun, beach and good times, these are also the same words used to describe Boracay. With its white sandy beaches and numerous bars and restaurants around it is the perfect place for a quick trip with your friends. It has become a great tourist destination because of the big and small resorts and hotels popping up.


Cebu offers more than just sand and sea this city also houses many historical sites, makes sense as it is also considered as the oldest city in the Philippines. They have amazing natural views and yes, the beaches are breathtaking. Don’t forget about the people, you will find the most hospitable people in Cebu. Finally, Cebu is well known for whale shark encounters, you can even see them up close and personal as you dive and swim with them


Bohol, home of the famous chocolate hills, has the perfect blend of natural and historical wonders. It is also home to a Tarsier Conservatory, home to the smallest primate in the world. Not to mention that a quick drive to the island of Panglao will satisfy all your beach cravings. Panglao island is not short of beachside resorts that put you right up to the coast and these resorts all offer similar services so you cant go wrong with any of them. Take a trip by boat to neighboring islands, enjoy untouched beaches and maybe spot a dolphin or two on the way there.


A break from the typical beach destination, Romblon offers more than just beaches, it offers a new experience. Within Romblon is Tablas island, here you can find a beautiful fish sanctuary right in the middle of the bay. Yes there are also a lot of beaches to get your daily dose of fun in the sun. The biggest difference is the opportunity to go glamping. Glamorous camping has been a new trend and is definitely a must try for the adventurous type looking for a new hobby.

There is no reason for you to not check out any of the places in the list, transportation options are readily available and accommodation options come in bunches. You can’t say you had a boring summer break with so many options destinations with so many activities. These are just 4 destinations out of so many islands in the Philippines, feel free to take your pick.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*


4 Best Drinking Hotspots in the Fort

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The beautiful Condo for sale in The Fort makes Bonifacio Global City as one of the best options when choosing to settle down. Apart from the residential area, BGC is also known for its array of commercial establishments, such as shopping centers, food hubs, and drinking spots. Thinking of drinking? Hop to BGC and satisfy your cravings as you dine in to these best drinking hotspots in the Fort.

Location: The Palace, 9th Avenue Corner 36th Avenue

Valkyrie is one of the six concepts that was opened at The Palace and considered as the biggest nightclub in the Philippines. The club caters to millennial hip partygoers, which includes celebrities and VIP’s.

The place is known for its lively ambiance and offers a variety of musical genres, such as electronic dance music, R&B, hip-hop, and top 40’s. Go to Valkyrie and experience a world class clubbing experience like no other while you indulge yourself with your favorite cocktails.

Valkyrie is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays, from 10PM onwards.  

The Brewery

Location: The Palace, 9th Avenue corner 36th Avenue

The Brewery is part of The Palace, one of the best nightlife destinations in Manila. The place offers freshly brewed beers, such as Weissbier and Chokolate Boom to scrumptious dishes, such as Baked Ziti and Clam and Mussel Spaghetti. They also have affordable dishes named 99 Availabowls, which you can choose from a wide variety of flavors, such as Fish and Chips and Chorizo Rice and Egg. The collection of in-store brewed beer and flavorful bar chows are some of the most sought-after in The Brewery.

What makes beer special in The Brewery is that they do not only just import and sell different beers— they make it themselves. They have machinery that produces four basic types of beer, which based on the German brewing standards.

The Brewery is open every day from 11AM to 3PM.

Skippy’s Bar and Grill

Location: The Forum, 7th Avenue corner Federacion Drive

Skippy’s Bar and Grill is a fantastic addition to the array of finest bars and restaurants in The Fort. This bar specializes in Australian cuisine and steak since the owner of the place is an Australian chef. Imported Australian Sausage Roll and Big Aussie Burger are some of the delectable dishes you might want to try once you visit the place.

Apart from the delectable dishes and flavorful beers, Skippy’s Bar and Grill also offers fun and entertainment with its various types and genres of live music. Each day is scheduled with different kinds of music. For example, Monday is for skippeoke night and acoustic jamming session in Tuesday.

Skippy’s Bar and Grill is open every day from 9AM to 2AM.

Raven’s Nest

Location: W Fifth Avenue, 5th Avenue corner 32nd Street

Raven’s Nest is a modern dining destination that focuses on both Asian cuisine and Western-style of cooking. It is the latest addition to the BGC’s night life that lets you both enjoy dinner and drinks.

The bar offers single malt tasting with cheese pairing, which you choose from Dalwhinnie 15, Singleton 12, Glenkinchie 12, and Talisker 10.

Raven’s Nest is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 5PM to 2AM.

*This is a guest post by Jeric Danao and is for informational purposes only*


5 Birthday Traditions Around the World

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Think of your last birthday party, how was it similar to the past few celebrations you had. You had the usual guests, glamorous presents, best catering in Manila, in a venue that could accommodate both. Of course, each individual has their own practices during their birthday but there are traditions you try to follow such as the birthday cake or the birthday song. This however is not the case for all countries around the world. Each culture has its own special way this annual event and it would do you well to familiarize yourself with them, maybe even get a few ideas for your next party.

Earlobes Pulling
It is a common practice in some cultures that when you pull someone’s earlobe it means you are wishing them good luck or a happy life. In Hungary, however this is a spirited practice also to wish luck for the birthday girl or boy. During the birthday party, after the opening of presents all the guests in attendance will take turns pulling the earlobe of the celebrant. All this is happening while the other guests are singing a Hungarian song that translates “God bless you, live so long so your ears reach your ankles”.

Two Birthdays in One Year
In Ecuador children are usually named after saints and in relation to this tradition children celebrate their birthday based on the saint they were named after. On their real birthday, they don’t have a party or extra presents, they get a card. They celebrate with their guests and family on the day the saint they were named after was born. Think of it as celebrating two birthdays every year.

Happy New Year or Happy Birthday?
In Vietnam whether you’re a child or an adult you celebrate your birthday not only your actual date of birth but also on ‘Tet’. This is when everyone in Vietnam celebrated their birthday at the same time and it also marks the start of the new year for them. Also, if you are a kid you get money on this day from your parents, BONUS.

In Canada, there is an old tradition that requires the celebrant’s nose to be smeared with something greasy like butter. It is a fun way to celebrate your birthday as you run around trying to pin down the celebrant and taking turns smearing greasy stuff on their nose. This of course does not come without any justification, the reason that grease  is put on the celebrant’s nose is to make sure that the celebrant is too greasy for any bad luck or negativity to cling on to them.

Crown Years
Usually some birthdays are more special than others such as turning 16, 18 or 21, in Holland they have their own important birthdays. Turning 5, 10, 15, 20 and 21, is called their crown years. During their crown years the celebrant receives bigger gifts than usual and get a special treat of lemonade and hot chocolate.
Different cultures have different ways to celebrate the day of their birth, each with an interesting twist of wishing that special someone good luck and a happy year ahead. Some you may find weird but one thing is common, this is a day to be celebrated and enjoyed with your loved ones who wants the best for you. 

*This is a guest post by Esther Diaz and is for informational purposes only.*


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How to Create an Indoor Garden

Gardening is one of the oldest yet creative hobbies up to this day. Did you know that garden is not only limited to an outdoor area? You can create garden even inside your home. Many DIY projects for home are available on the Internet to guide you on how to build an indoor garden. Bring the outdoor vibe inside your house by following the simple instructions below on how to create an indoor garden.

Choose your Plants and Buy the Seeds
The first thing that you need to do when you decided to create an indoor garden is to choose what kind of plants you want to grow inside your house. Save money from buying fruits and veggies in the grocery by picking edible plants, such as carrots, lemons, and tomatoes. On the other hand, if you are after the plants that help in cleaning indoor air, aloe vera, bamboo palm, and Chinese evergreen might be a great choice.
According to many garden experts, choose buying seeds rather than purchasing a grown plant right away since seeds are less expensive than plants, allowing you to save money. Many home and garden centers sell variety of seeds that you can choose from.

Pick an Appropriate Location for your Chosen Plants
A successful indoor garden definitely relies on the chosen indoor space. When choosing a space for your indoor garden, consider the space’s temperature and amount of sunlight. Here are the many factors that you need to consider when choosing the location of your indoor garden.
-       Avoid spaces, such as attic and garage since these rooms have cold temperatures. Cold temperature can kill or slow down the growth of your plants.
-       Choose an area near window so that your plants will have a good exposure to the sunlight.
-       Choose an area that has a good circulation of air since plants need good ventilation and air flow to grow healthy.
Make or Reuse Containers
Creating an indoor garden does not need to have to be expensive. Save money by making and reusing containers for your plants. Yogurt cups, old soda bottles, and tin cans make a good container for your indoor plants. Just make sure that the containers you will be using are sturdy enough to hold your chosen plants.

Prepare the Soil and Plants
After you choose your plants and make your containers, now is the time to prepare the seedlings and soil. Most seed packages have their instruction label to guide you on how to prepare and set up the seeds.

Water your Plants Wisely
Water is one of the most needed nutrients of plants. As much as possible, water your plants on a daily basis. Watering your indoor plants is quite crucial so the drainage holes in your container must be enough. Furthermore, check the soil moisture of your plants to ensure the consistency of it and guarantee that it gets the right amount of water.
Put Some Light
In case that the position of your plant can’t have enough exposure to the sunlight, you can fix it by adding some light near the area of your plant. You can position the light either upper the containers or under the plants.

Growing plants inside your home is a great way to brighten and freshen up your humble abode. Start growing plants inside your home by following the simple guide above. 

*This is a guest post by Laurel Santos and is for informational purposes only*


3 of the Most Expensive Cities in the World

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Thanks to the evolution of travel and communication the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Studying and working abroad has been becoming a norm, in London, Sydney or Singapore, rooms for rent is being occupied much faster than previous years. With many more opportunities opening up abroad cities are being more competitive in terms of what they can offer students or workers, these can be in the form of accommodations or quality of living in general. Due these factors cost of living in certain cities have been increasing and this should be in consideration when thinking of what city you plan to move to.


Do not judge Singapore by its size, this city-state is in the top of most lists when it comes to expensive cities. If you want one of the safest and cleanest cities to live in Singapore should also be on the top of your list. If you do end up choosing Singapore as your next home you should also say good bye to your dreams of owning a car, Cars in Singapore are extremely expensive, that’s the main reason there isn’t much traffic on the road. Don’t worry though because the public transport system is well run and the fact that it is a small city means it is easy to get from point to point.

Hong Kong

Like Singapore, Hong Kong has also been a consistent chart topper when it comes to the most expensive cities in the world. The main reason for Hong Kong’s expensive cost of living is because of the quality of accommodations they have. Comfortable accommodation options are readily available, at a price, their economy is also very stable. You can see this in the lack of negative fluctuations in their dollar value in comparison to other currencies. They also have many imported goods such as food or clothing, all affecting the overall cost of living in Hong Kong. Get ready to spend as much as $8 just for one cup of coffee, if that price seems reasonable for you Hong Kong may be just what you’re looking for.


Lower on the list but still in the upper bracket of expensive cities is Geneva, the second most populated city in Switzerland. One of the things Geneva is known for is their recreation and entertainment sector and that Geneva has the highest prices for such things. Like the other countries mentioned there is justification in the high cost of living thanks to the quality of life you experience. Another reason for their high cost of living is the fact that if you live in Geneva you probably work there as well, workers in Geneva are on average paid much better. Geneva is one of two cities in Switzerland with high cost of living meaning Switzerland as a country has a well-maintained system in place and it works.

The common factor about these 3 cities is the quality of life you can live, yes the cost of living may be high but look at where that money is going into. It is going back to the city’s infrastructure making sure that the inhabitants are well taken care of. In a sense the money is going back to you to improve your way of life.

*This is a guest post by Justin Carlo Estor and is purely for informational purposes only*