7 Modern Money Saving Tips

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1. Make A Schedule

As the famous saying goes, “Time is money!” From meetings to hangouts or even just your simple errands, make sure to keep your day as organized as possible. Set a date for your errands together with another trip. With this, you'll spend less on the meals when you'll eat out and the transportation fees. This is a good practice to discipline yourself on managing your time and planning your expenses.

2. Get A Piggy Bank
Instead of using your excess coins specially the cents to buy unnecessary cheap items like a candy bar or that piece of gum you bought just because you can, feed that piggy bank! Now this tip may sound juvenile, but this can really help if you make this a habit. In a few months or less, you'll be surprised how much you've already saved.

3. Set Your Cash Aside

Don’t be too paranoid! Leave some of your money at home to avoid overspending. Just like my first tip, allow yourself to budget your expenses for the day so that you don’t end up spending more than you should. Ideally, now that you’ve left your excess money at home, there’s no way for you to spend it now, do you? Set a daily allowance for your meals and transportation. Simple as that.

4. Make A List

Avoid buying things that you don’t need by making a list of the things that you really require. In that way, it will feel more like an errand than actual shopping. From there, you can narrow down the things you need most and more or less how much it's going to cost you.

5. Wait for the BIG SALE

There's a bigger chance of buying the item for less if you just simply wait specially if there's really no urgency to purchase. Department Stores are fond of Pay Day and Clearance Sales. There are also a number of online stores that do these sales often. Subscribe to their newsletters to keep yourself updated on promotions and discounts.

6. Avoid (Impulse) Online Shopping

Now don’t get me wrong. If there’s one thing that I really love about the progress of the internet, it’s for giving us the ability to shop without having to go out of our houses anymore. But with this luxury comes the added temptation of buying more than what you need. It’s so easy nowadays to purchase anything with just one click that you might end up losing all your money to this innovation. Be smart on window online shopping.

In my case, I also have an online store for my personalized cakes in Paranaque. A lot of home-based businesses also start online stores but with a way more interactive experience rather than just having to click and buy. Try to look for these businesses since these home entrepreneurs tend to give you a better bargain than your usual online retail stores.

7. Put Your Excess To Sale

Looking for extra cash? You might already have it at home! Look through your drawers and closets you'll even find some things you no longer need and one smart way to get money from things you already have is to try to sell all the clutter from your household. There are a lot of mobile apps and websites that you can use for free and sell your items. Snap a photo, upload, and voila! It's already for sale! Couriers are not even a problem, there are some that offer a pick-up service from your place then straight to your buyer.

Being young is no excuse to be unwise on your finances. So save up and keep yourself financially aware and informed. You'll never know when you'll need that extra cash in the future!

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