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I have this theory that when you put any food on a stick it becomes more appealing and enjoyable to eat. From street food and kebabs to cake pops and now pies (yeaah, some people make lolli-pies now), I think a lot can agree on this. 

Creativity and passion for food is what I tasted in Kantori Yakitori. Perfectly grilled meat and veggies on skewers is their main focus. Sticks are sold individually at very affordable and reasonable prices. Hesitating to order more is not really an issue, fitting all of those food in one sitting is. Haha! It's a smart choice to bring at least 2-3 people with you if you're planning to try most of it.

Sushi Fireball (P58)
Kimchi. Cheese. Nori. Kewpie

The cheese and the kewpie balanced out the spicy kick of the kimchi rice. The nori was a great complement.

Tsukene (Meatball) (P58) and Saikoro Beef Japan (P148)

I have to be honest, the meatball was weird or maybe I am just not familiar with the concept but the meatball itself had an odd flavor nor did it improve with the sauce.

The beef was amazing. First glance, you would think it might resemble the heavenly wagyu sticks of Kikufuji but it is most certainly not fair to compare. It's totally different. Just think of them as brothers-from-another-mother kind of thing.

Yummymono Sampler (P258)
Butabara (Pork Belly) -- formerly Rib eye according to their menu, Asparabacon, Shitake, Quail Eggs and Tofu Tempura

There could have been another stick of meat since they did replace rib eye with butabara which was way cheaper. Taste-wise, everything was well-cooked and seasoned nicely. Can't get enough of those Bonito Flakes.

Kamameshi (P60)
Chicken. Carrots. Leeks. Furikake
(no photo)

The fried rice was okay. I might not have given it much appreciation considering all the different flavors of everything we ate.

Okonomiyaki (P148)Bacon. Cabbage. Kewpie. Bonito Flakes

And last but not the least, the king of all isaws there is...

Shiro (Instestines) (P48)
Neatly flattened intestines on stick garnished with a line of kewpie. Even for someone who is not a fan of isaw will become one (me!). It felt so clean and full of flavor!


Don't forget to spot those samurais holding yakitoris on their eye-catching mural!
Happy eating!

51 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Paranaque
(formerly Charbroiled Burgers near tirona gate)
(02) 358 90 79

Larisse is a full-time foodie, blogger and professional cakemaker. She makes a living making personalized cakes in Paranaque as the founder and co-owner of CANVAS Cake Studio. She blogs to relax and express her thoughts in her website: Larisse Gastronomique. She’s also known for her love of cheese and weird appreciation of odd humor.

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  1. The Shiro looks delicious! I'll try this one out! :) Thanks for sharing!