How to Paint Wood Texture on Cake Board

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Go the extra mile on your cakes by decorating the cake board too! One of the nicest, simple and fast techniques you can do is painting a wood texture on your cake board.

You'll need:
White Fondant Covered Cake Board
Chef Knife or any large knife
Ivory Gel Paste (Americolor Brand)
Chocolate Brown Gel Paste/ Chocolate Brown Airbrush Color (Americolor Brand)
Lemon Extract/Vodka (I prefer using Mccormick Lemon Extract)
One Big and One Small Paint Brush (nylon always)

1. Start by making vertical lines on the fondant covered cake board by using the knife. Go crazy. These lines don't need to be precise.
Optional Step:
2. Make even gaps by making deeper vertical lines on each gap to make them look like wooden planks.
3. Mix the lemon extract and Ivory gel paste. The shade of the wood will depend on on your liking. I usually start with a very runny almost watercolor-like consistency.
4. Start painting streaks part by part then gradually add more ivory to your mixture. Continue painting until you are satisfied with the whole look.

5. Add a very tiny amount of brown to your paint mixture and start adding darker streaks.
6. For the optional step earlier, use the smaller brush to paint the gap's lines darker until it's noticeable.
7. Set aside to dry.

Take a look at some more cake samples I made with this technique:

AntMan/Thomas the Train Cake (If you've seen the movie, you'll get why this is the cake design!)

Steak Cake

Nutella Jar Cake with the hand-painted logo! :)