The Place for Everyone: Sol Victoria's

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Honest, well-flavored, inviting - would be the top three words to describe Sol Victoria's. This restaurant, lounge, and pub serves delicious comforting dishes suited for all kinds of crowd. Their place is divided into two, a non-smoking air-conditioned area and an outdoor for the smokers. 

It was our date night last Tuesday and because of the horrendous traffic in our area. We decided to dine somewhere near and convenient. For a no-fail experience we agreed to have our dinner once again at Sol Victoria's.

For our appetizer, we ordered the Honey Tokwa (P150)
I've always been a fan of honey and tofu that's why this was so much win for me.

We were offered the Porterhouse Steak since the rib-eye was not available for the same price of (P450). Winning components of the steak were the mashed potatoes and rosemary steak sauce.

Grilled Pusit (P250)
It's rare to find a perfectly grilled and stuffed squid. It was so soft and was easily cut by a table knife.

Szechuan Eggplant (P150) has to be my favorite! The eggplant skin remained its subtle crisp despite it being served with the sauce.

SV Rice (P150), buttered rice with ground pork bits and sausage is a meal in itself. This single order is good for 3-4 people. Was so happy to take home some left overs to have for lunch the next day!

From the three words I described this restaurant with, HONEST is really what it is. You get what's on the menu for a reasonable price.

Blk 6 Lot 27 Russia St.
Better Living Subdivision
Paranaque City
Facebook Page: Sol Victoria's


  1. Thank you for dining with ys. It would be a pleasure to serve you again. :) -Sol Victoria's

    1. Thank you for the great food! We love your place! :)