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Ah yes, the CHIZZA. KFC has yet another creative product! From the Clover Chip Crusted Chicken to the famous Double Down, my favorite still has to be the Cali Maki Twister.

The CHIZZA is a Chicken Pizza. Chicken as the "dough" with pizza toppings. Unfortunately, as delicious and innovative as it sounds, it falls short on flavor and could still be improved. THE IDEA IS ALREADY THERE, why hold back? First off, the chicken "pizza dough" isn't as flavorful as their original chicken. If only they pounded the chicken more plus a slightly thinner batter, seasoned it well, made it way way crispier, bigger and of course better toppings, it could've been a perfect new product. I don't feel like this will run on their menu for long but if it does I guess it's just me wanting more out of it.

Here is what the Chizza really looks like: 

As for appearance, it is what it is. No complaints on that. Or maybe just one, where's the green stuff?