How to Make: Easy Mini Minion Cupcake Toppers

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MINIONS are back! Thanks to the movie released a few days ago, we're back to making these tiny yellow fellows. Minions/Despicable Me has been one of the top most requested cake/cupcake themes  by our clients ever since the films came out. Now, our numbers of pastries with this design has increased once again!

Making 3D toppers for cupcakes that would fit in an individual packaging is a common issue for most bakers. I had a few times before that i've made a large topper for a cupcake and totally forgot about considering it's height to fit that tiny box.

So here's to show how we make our minion cupcake toppers that would fit in this kind of packaging or any other box with the same height:

(Photo from RM Boxes, our supplier for almost 5 years)

You'll need:
Colored Fondant
 - Yellow (Lemon Yellow Americolor Gel Paste)
 - Navy Blue (Navy Blue Americolor Gel Paste)
 - White
 - Gray (Mix a small piece of black and green fondant with a bigger piece of white fondant)
 - Black
Round Cutter
Rolling Pin
Pairing Knife
Nylon Paintbrush

Step 1:
Shape your yellow fondant into balls and gradually form them into small ovals and start making the arms as well. It's work from color to color to avoid washing hands from time to time. Cut out blue fondant parts and start assembling using your brush and water.

Step 2:
Start adding the eyes, the frame of their glasses and most of the black parts and assemble.

Step 3:

Once all the parts are complete, let them set in a cool dry place. I took a photo beside the gel coloring to show the size. It's around 1-1.5 inches tall. 

These cupcakes were ordered together with this cake: 

Spot the tiny extra minion topper I added! :D