EAN'S GRILLED BURGERS (a.k.a. Yung P50 Quarter Pounder sa Kanto Burger)

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Who says a burger can't be P50 cheap and amazing? Well now, It's a dream come true for burger lovers out there. Right beside BPI Family bank (El Grande Branch BF Homes) is where these glorious burgers are born. 

Most people don't even notice their signage and just head onto the grill. I heard most of my friends refer to it as "Yung P50 na quarter pounder sa kanto Burger." Whenever I mention their name to them and talk about what I got, it doesn't even ring a bell. They would act as if it's a new place without even realizing they have eaten there quite a few times already!

Thanks to my boyfriend, who supports all my food cravings and adventures, he surprised me with this beauty...

You know someone knows you too well when they order you a mozarella cheese-stuffed patty with bacon and mushrooms! And guess how much it was? ONLY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE PESOS.

Their main burgers are the quarter pounders for only P50. Add ons like bacon, mushrooms, tomato, etc., come with a minimal fee.

I have never eaten a burger and wanted another one of it right after. The fact that it's cheap makes it even more delicious.


Go try it yourself! :)

265 El Grande Ave BF Homes
Paranaque City