My New Favorite in the South: Hana Yo Japanese and Korean Restaurant

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There were two restaurants we wanted to dine in BF that night and sadly both were already full. Not wanting to waste our precious parking slot (we all know parking in Aguirre Ave. most nights are the worst), we were on foot searching for a place to eat. 

Hana Yo has been one of the oldest Japanese Korean restaurants along Aguirre Ave. BF Homes Paranaque. No, they don't serve fancy plated dishes with sky high prices. They serve so much better than the appearance alone, AUTHENTIC Japanese Korean meals that are reasonably priced. You can tell how authentic a place is if most of their customers are from the same country as the food.

As usual, it won't be an authentic Korean restaurant without the banchan. The kimchi is one of the best I've tasted so far! :)

Here's what caught our hungry appetites:
Gyoja P150.00 (Korean menu)
Fried Dumplings

Yes, P150.00 for ALL of those. This isn't your typical gyoza. If I'm not mistaken, it's deep fried. It's good but I found it a bit oily and doughy.

Kimbab P100.00 (Korean Menu)
Korean Rice Roll

What I'm happy about this one is that the rice isn't dry and the ingredients inside were not bland unlike the ones I've had before in another Korean restaurant.

Hirekas P250.00 (Japanese menu)
(Pork Sirloin with Rice)

The meat was so tender and the breading gave the right crunch and wasn't heavy.

And lastly the WINNER DINNER of the night...
P200.00 (Korean Menu)

I apologize for the exaggeration in advance. The foodie animes we've been watching got me curious on this dish. I've googled and watched videos on youtube a few months back and got me itching to taste one ever since. So here we are, finally, as the omurice was served I can't help my smile getting bigger and bigger. The smell immediately made me grab my chopsticks and see the rice underneath the egg.

The egg has this amazing brown sauce. The rice has corn, mushrooms, peas, tender meat cubes, et cetera, and more et cetera of goodness. To sum it up, it was a comforting and delicious meal.

And to our surprise, they serve complimentary Yakult right after!!!

Definitely coming back here again! :)

Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Paranaque
(Right after Meat Depot on your right side if coming from El Grande Ave.)