A Great Morning with Nestlé Wellness Expo!

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The Nestlé Wellness Expo (a.k.a. BREAKFAST PARTY! - probably the closest way to describe the whole event! Haha!) held last July 4th and 5th in SM Megamall was the most energetic morning I had...EVER. As the rainy season starts, the weather wasn't really helping that day on keeping our eyes and spirits wide and alive. Thankfully, as we saw the entrance, we were most definite that it was an event to look forward to!

We were drawn by the loud and lively music, games, freebies, free wellness check up booths and not to mention the MASSIVE number of people in the whole area. The line outside the Mega Trade Hall was like a line for an international concert waiting to open!

We were lucky enough to have been invited to the launch and press con happening during the event. They served perfectly chilled yogurt and cereal. The new Nestle ambassadors: model and design consultant, Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles, blogger, fashion design student and freelance stylist, Dani Barreto, and of course the English-Filipino footballer, James Younghusband, were there to give their advice and insight regarding the most important meal of the day, BREAKFAST.

A side note from my boyfriend whom I credit for these photos: When taking a group shot in events like these, first, squeeze your way confidently in front together with all the media men with their cameras and copy what they are doing to get the subjects' attention. What they do to be exact, point your pointer finger upward and they will instantly look towards your direction and SMILE! It is of course better to be in the middle so the majority can focus on your camera. Here are the results:

2 out of 6! More practice! more practice! :)

Lunch was included together with our invite in the press conference. Designer Blooms catering served a variety of appetizers, viands, and dessert. I was truly impressed with their rustic-feel set-up.

I am ashamed of my plate, hehe BUT as you can see, how can I resist such wonderful, healthy and tasty food in front of me? Shitake Mushroom Soup, two kinds of bruschetta, TRUFFLE mac 'n cheese, salad with preserved fruit and candied walnuts, rosemary chicken, pork loin, salisbury steak with baked potatoes, blueberry cheesecake and strawberry cake!

Their token for our attendance was a generous, huge, and heavy bag of Nestlé BREAKFAST GOODIES!

Yes, they all fit in that bag!

Take a look at more photos of the expo and the MASSIVE number of people I was talking about! :D

The expo successfully inspired me never to skip breakfast. With their goodies, I can finally start eating the right kind of morning meal!

Choose Wellness!