The Place for Everyone: Sol Victoria's

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Honest, well-flavored, inviting - would be the top three words to describe Sol Victoria's. This restaurant, lounge, and pub serves delicious comforting dishes suited for all kinds of crowd. Their place is divided into two, a non-smoking air-conditioned area and an outdoor for the smokers. 

It was our date night last Tuesday and because of the horrendous traffic in our area. We decided to dine somewhere near and convenient. For a no-fail experience we agreed to have our dinner once again at Sol Victoria's.

For our appetizer, we ordered the Honey Tokwa (P150)
I've always been a fan of honey and tofu that's why this was so much win for me.

We were offered the Porterhouse Steak since the rib-eye was not available for the same price of (P450). Winning components of the steak were the mashed potatoes and rosemary steak sauce.

Grilled Pusit (P250)
It's rare to find a perfectly grilled and stuffed squid. It was so soft and was easily cut by a table knife.

Szechuan Eggplant (P150) has to be my favorite! The eggplant skin remained its subtle crisp despite it being served with the sauce.

SV Rice (P150), buttered rice with ground pork bits and sausage is a meal in itself. This single order is good for 3-4 people. Was so happy to take home some left overs to have for lunch the next day!

From the three words I described this restaurant with, HONEST is really what it is. You get what's on the menu for a reasonable price.

Blk 6 Lot 27 Russia St.
Better Living Subdivision
Paranaque City
Facebook Page: Sol Victoria's


EAN'S GRILLED BURGERS (a.k.a. Yung P50 Quarter Pounder sa Kanto Burger)

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Who says a burger can't be P50 cheap and amazing? Well now, It's a dream come true for burger lovers out there. Right beside BPI Family bank (El Grande Branch BF Homes) is where these glorious burgers are born. 

Most people don't even notice their signage and just head onto the grill. I heard most of my friends refer to it as "Yung P50 na quarter pounder sa kanto Burger." Whenever I mention their name to them and talk about what I got, it doesn't even ring a bell. They would act as if it's a new place without even realizing they have eaten there quite a few times already!

Thanks to my boyfriend, who supports all my food cravings and adventures, he surprised me with this beauty...

You know someone knows you too well when they order you a mozarella cheese-stuffed patty with bacon and mushrooms! And guess how much it was? ONLY ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE PESOS.

Their main burgers are the quarter pounders for only P50. Add ons like bacon, mushrooms, tomato, etc., come with a minimal fee.

I have never eaten a burger and wanted another one of it right after. The fact that it's cheap makes it even more delicious.


Go try it yourself! :)

265 El Grande Ave BF Homes
Paranaque City


My New Favorite in the South: Hana Yo Japanese and Korean Restaurant

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There were two restaurants we wanted to dine in BF that night and sadly both were already full. Not wanting to waste our precious parking slot (we all know parking in Aguirre Ave. most nights are the worst), we were on foot searching for a place to eat. 

Hana Yo has been one of the oldest Japanese Korean restaurants along Aguirre Ave. BF Homes Paranaque. No, they don't serve fancy plated dishes with sky high prices. They serve so much better than the appearance alone, AUTHENTIC Japanese Korean meals that are reasonably priced. You can tell how authentic a place is if most of their customers are from the same country as the food.

As usual, it won't be an authentic Korean restaurant without the banchan. The kimchi is one of the best I've tasted so far! :)

Here's what caught our hungry appetites:
Gyoja P150.00 (Korean menu)
Fried Dumplings

Yes, P150.00 for ALL of those. This isn't your typical gyoza. If I'm not mistaken, it's deep fried. It's good but I found it a bit oily and doughy.

Kimbab P100.00 (Korean Menu)
Korean Rice Roll

What I'm happy about this one is that the rice isn't dry and the ingredients inside were not bland unlike the ones I've had before in another Korean restaurant.

Hirekas P250.00 (Japanese menu)
(Pork Sirloin with Rice)

The meat was so tender and the breading gave the right crunch and wasn't heavy.

And lastly the WINNER DINNER of the night...
P200.00 (Korean Menu)

I apologize for the exaggeration in advance. The foodie animes we've been watching got me curious on this dish. I've googled and watched videos on youtube a few months back and got me itching to taste one ever since. So here we are, finally, as the omurice was served I can't help my smile getting bigger and bigger. The smell immediately made me grab my chopsticks and see the rice underneath the egg.

The egg has this amazing brown sauce. The rice has corn, mushrooms, peas, tender meat cubes, et cetera, and more et cetera of goodness. To sum it up, it was a comforting and delicious meal.

And to our surprise, they serve complimentary Yakult right after!!!

Definitely coming back here again! :)

Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Paranaque
(Right after Meat Depot on your right side if coming from El Grande Ave.)


How to Make: Easy Mini Minion Cupcake Toppers

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MINIONS are back! Thanks to the movie released a few days ago, we're back to making these tiny yellow fellows. Minions/Despicable Me has been one of the top most requested cake/cupcake themes  by our clients ever since the films came out. Now, our numbers of pastries with this design has increased once again!

Making 3D toppers for cupcakes that would fit in an individual packaging is a common issue for most bakers. I had a few times before that i've made a large topper for a cupcake and totally forgot about considering it's height to fit that tiny box.

So here's to show how we make our minion cupcake toppers that would fit in this kind of packaging or any other box with the same height:

(Photo from RM Boxes, our supplier for almost 5 years)

You'll need:
Colored Fondant
 - Yellow (Lemon Yellow Americolor Gel Paste)
 - Navy Blue (Navy Blue Americolor Gel Paste)
 - White
 - Gray (Mix a small piece of black and green fondant with a bigger piece of white fondant)
 - Black
Round Cutter
Rolling Pin
Pairing Knife
Nylon Paintbrush

Step 1:
Shape your yellow fondant into balls and gradually form them into small ovals and start making the arms as well. It's work from color to color to avoid washing hands from time to time. Cut out blue fondant parts and start assembling using your brush and water.

Step 2:
Start adding the eyes, the frame of their glasses and most of the black parts and assemble.

Step 3:

Once all the parts are complete, let them set in a cool dry place. I took a photo beside the gel coloring to show the size. It's around 1-1.5 inches tall. 

These cupcakes were ordered together with this cake: 

Spot the tiny extra minion topper I added! :D


New in Better Living: STEAK - OFF GRILL

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We've been hearing a good affordable steak in Aguirre Food Park BF Homes a few days ago. To our surprise it was the same steak place that opened recently here in Better Living Subdivision:


Since last night was a full house for their soft opening, we decided to try it earlier this evening. They have three steak options that comes with rice and gravy, T-bone (P149.00), Porterhouse (P189.00), and Tenderloin (P200.00). Side dishes are Mashed Potatoes and Peppered Corn (both P30 each for a small serving). Our first choice was the tenderloin steak, unfortunately it was out of stock. We went for two orders of porterhouse medium rare with the two side dishes.

The steak is not as thick but to my surprise, it was so soft and can easily be cut with their steak knife. It was well-seasoned too. However, the gravy tasted really salty after a few dips. 

Their rice needs improvement. They serve it in a container/warmer (similar to the ones Mang Inasal uses) on the spot right after the steak is served. Sadly, the rice is not even warm, nor was it evenly cooked.

We had a some concerns with their service. While I was pouring their pitcher of water, the cover went loose and spilled most of it on our table. The server immediately responded by handing me a pack of tissue and immediately went off. We were surprised that he did not even offer his assistance to help us with the mess their faulty pitcher has made. I had to call his attention to provide us with a towel and help us clean up. Cooler heads prevail. Haha.

Just a heads up, this is an open restaurant and it gets really smoky and warm.

I do hope they improve regarding these issues. Their steak is so satisfying for a quick-fix craving.

France St. Better Living Subdivision Paranaque
(Beside BDO Dona Soledad Ave. and France St. Intersection)



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Ah yes, the CHIZZA. KFC has yet another creative product! From the Clover Chip Crusted Chicken to the famous Double Down, my favorite still has to be the Cali Maki Twister.

The CHIZZA is a Chicken Pizza. Chicken as the "dough" with pizza toppings. Unfortunately, as delicious and innovative as it sounds, it falls short on flavor and could still be improved. THE IDEA IS ALREADY THERE, why hold back? First off, the chicken "pizza dough" isn't as flavorful as their original chicken. If only they pounded the chicken more plus a slightly thinner batter, seasoned it well, made it way way crispier, bigger and of course better toppings, it could've been a perfect new product. I don't feel like this will run on their menu for long but if it does I guess it's just me wanting more out of it.

Here is what the Chizza really looks like: 

As for appearance, it is what it is. No complaints on that. Or maybe just one, where's the green stuff?


A Great Morning with Nestlé Wellness Expo!

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The Nestlé Wellness Expo (a.k.a. BREAKFAST PARTY! - probably the closest way to describe the whole event! Haha!) held last July 4th and 5th in SM Megamall was the most energetic morning I had...EVER. As the rainy season starts, the weather wasn't really helping that day on keeping our eyes and spirits wide and alive. Thankfully, as we saw the entrance, we were most definite that it was an event to look forward to!

We were drawn by the loud and lively music, games, freebies, free wellness check up booths and not to mention the MASSIVE number of people in the whole area. The line outside the Mega Trade Hall was like a line for an international concert waiting to open!

We were lucky enough to have been invited to the launch and press con happening during the event. They served perfectly chilled yogurt and cereal. The new Nestle ambassadors: model and design consultant, Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles, blogger, fashion design student and freelance stylist, Dani Barreto, and of course the English-Filipino footballer, James Younghusband, were there to give their advice and insight regarding the most important meal of the day, BREAKFAST.

A side note from my boyfriend whom I credit for these photos: When taking a group shot in events like these, first, squeeze your way confidently in front together with all the media men with their cameras and copy what they are doing to get the subjects' attention. What they do to be exact, point your pointer finger upward and they will instantly look towards your direction and SMILE! It is of course better to be in the middle so the majority can focus on your camera. Here are the results:

2 out of 6! More practice! more practice! :)

Lunch was included together with our invite in the press conference. Designer Blooms catering served a variety of appetizers, viands, and dessert. I was truly impressed with their rustic-feel set-up.

I am ashamed of my plate, hehe BUT as you can see, how can I resist such wonderful, healthy and tasty food in front of me? Shitake Mushroom Soup, two kinds of bruschetta, TRUFFLE mac 'n cheese, salad with preserved fruit and candied walnuts, rosemary chicken, pork loin, salisbury steak with baked potatoes, blueberry cheesecake and strawberry cake!

Their token for our attendance was a generous, huge, and heavy bag of Nestlé BREAKFAST GOODIES!

Yes, they all fit in that bag!

Take a look at more photos of the expo and the MASSIVE number of people I was talking about! :D

The expo successfully inspired me never to skip breakfast. With their goodies, I can finally start eating the right kind of morning meal!

Choose Wellness!