I Am A Picky Pancake Eater

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I like them soft and fluffy. Melt-in-your-mouth kind of pancakes. And with blueberries. The one that you know you cannot have everyday for breakfast because it can be only sold in Pancake House. Unless of course, I am lucky enough to live next door to one and go straight there with lion hair and still be in PJs every morning.

And no. Those instant mixes will never live up to these circles of heaven sold in this restaurant.

After several attempts to make pancakes from scratch, and aside from the fact that they weren't good at all (my pancake standards might be too high even for my own cooking), I realized that my stomach would have already ingested itself before I even got up and made some for breakfast. So, I usually settle for cereals.

Here is a tribute to the only pancakes I enjoy. Talk about that whipped butter on the side!

Though I am torn every time I look at the menu. Those waffles are to die for as well.

I pray that one of these days, they will magically appear on my bed table. Now, that's something to wake up for.