Kenji Tei Ramen House

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The ramen house that has the "ramen" feel thanks to their noodle-inspired ceiling. The moment they served me that stunning plate of pinkish-red and almost jelly-like looking tuna sashimi, I knew it was one of "THE" Japanese restaurants. 

See what I mean?
Tuna Sashimi (P256.00)

Tamago Sushi (P80.00)

Another appetizer that I fell in love with is the Cheese Gyoza. (P198.00) Yup, you heard it right! A chunk of cream cheese inside that deep-fried gyoooozaah! Served with spicy japanese mayo. 

Yaki Gyoza (P188.00)

Chashu Miso Ramen (P248.00 Regular)
Hands down on the chashu. It has the pleasant porky taste that you rarely find. Quite comforting and feels really guilt-free considering that it's pork.

Gomoku Shio Ramen (P268.00 Regular)
Mixed Seafood, Vegetable, and Pork Shio Ramen
Where pork, egg and produce goes scuba diving under the sea and decides to live there to make new seafood friends. Everything in that bowl is a fresh as ... ashsjrhsfgksfknnfgsfgknsdksk... just order it and see for yourself. You will thank me. 

Mabo Tofu Ramen (P248.00 Regular)
Soy-based ramen topped with a spicy tofu sauce

Curry Ramen (P258.00 Regular)
Soy-based ramen topped with a mildy spicy curry sauce
Ramen + Yummy = RAAAMMMYY! The curry is not overpowering at all making the ramen not lose its identity as an Indian dish. It still remains very Japanese. Hmm... How do I correctly describe this? How about soothing curry?

THE EGG. The egg on their ramens are consistently not overcooked which is definitely a plus. An overcooked egg has a greenish-gray color in between the yolk and the white. The iron sulfide forms as the iron from the yolk meets the hydrogen sulfide released from the egg white by the heat making it toxic for us to eat.

Yakisoba with meat on the side for the vegetarian sister. (P258.00)

And how can you miss the Tempura in a Japanese restaurant? 

Green Tea Ice Cream. Hehe. Most of my friends and of course family know that I am not allowed to consume anything with caffeine or alcohol due to my minor heart condition. Sadly green tea contains caffeine. But hey, it's not everyday I get to order one of these! The drugstore is near just incase I get any palpitations. Haha!

Even their plain rice deserves a photo. It's thaaaat good too. 

More to try and more reasons to come back to. I do not care how incredibly hot our weather gets. I will have their ramen at any time of the day.