SOGA MIGA! Anong Sayo?

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Get it? Annyeonghaseyo? It’s Korean for hello. I made a pun. Okay never mind that. I am a frustrated comedian. 

I have mixed feelings on Korean cuisine. Just like one of those complicated boyfriends and girlfriends you’ve dated. It’s… confusing. They serve you separate elements that they do not explain how or where it goes and the dish names are hard to pronounce. Most Korean restaurant owners are Koreans as well. There’s no need to worry about it not being authentic.  I have tried a few Korean restaurants and so far, Soga Miga is the only one I enjoyed. Plus, the Banchan (side dishes) are endless! 


Gyeran Mari (P300.00), eggroll with dried seaweed.

I was surprised on how huge these were. They were half the size of my palm. I liked it. Your usual eggroll. Not too oily and very filling. 

Gunmandu (P350.00), pan-fried dumplings.

These were my absolute favorite! And again, they were huge. Perfect with the sauce it came with. 

Ttukbagi-bulgogi (P350.00), Beef bulgogi served in a hot stone bowl 

This reminded me of a sukiyaki without the egg and Japanese condiments. 

Pork Knuckles

I’m not a fan but it was pretty tasty. Feet, tongue, and knuckle parts of animals are not my thing. They’re just too creepy for me.

Red Rice. I’m not sure how we got this. I believe it was served together with one of the mains we ordered or maybe part of the Banchan?    

So… Korean cuisine. Hmm. I don’t know. A definitely maybe to come back to.

Soga Miga
Molito, Alabang, Muntinlupa City