Christmas on February

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Once again, the mushy cheesy air has arrived! The peak season of fancy restaurants, the bald bushes of roses, Teddy, the famous stuffed animal, and of course that brown stuff (not THAT brown stuff) we all love, chocolate. 

It is my first time to launch a Valentine line of pastries. For the past year of Midnight Snacks, I've always been too lazy to come up with any love-themed items. My usual hangover from the holidays would usually last up to two months and then I'll get over it after my birthday on March. 

Here they are, the flower cupcakes, which were not so much of a hit. I was hoping that it could be a great alternative to real flowers and save mother nature by 0.00001%. On second thought, the bouquets are still an undying trend.

And... the hand-painted and drawn butter cookies covered with marshmallow fondant. I'm glad that a lot of people appreciate the kind of art/doodling I do. Most clients ordered it for their kids' teachers and classmates as giveaways. 

For personalized pastries here are a some. Sadly, as busy as we were, I did not get a chance to take shots of everything we made for Valentines. 

As for us, we were happy to have contributed to the smiles of those couples who bought from us. Eeek.. HAHA! Yeah, that aaand... a night out on the eve of Valentines. I got to see one of my favorite local bands live for the very first time at TJ's, Up Dharma Down. 

For the day itself, we let our own business pay for our pamper treat. After all those heavy kneading, mixing, drawing, painting, and back and forth deliveries, we deserved it! The Spa at Alabang offered us a great package of a 45-minute use of their facilities such as the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, complimentary unlimited ginger tea, and an hour of Swedish massage for an affordable price. 

A few things that gave me big smiles. A Starbucks GC from my dad that I used to buy a Zesty Chicken Sandwich on Foccacia Bread and a Very Berry Hibiscus drink, a cute note and chocolate from my 10-year old sister who never fails to be adorable, rewarded myself with a new wedding cake book by Zoe Clark, and how can I forget the awesome Valentine mix sent by a friend through Facebook. You and your big hair are forever the coolest!

Merry Christmas!