A Guide To Bon Appetit-ing!

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There is a lot of fun in food. It’s disappointing how some people simply eat just to satisfy hunger. There's more to sweet, salty, spicy, bitter and sour. Take time to taste and feel the texture, the bite, the crunch, the tartness, and smell the aroma of the meal you are about to dig in. Well of course, try not to creep someone out looking like you’re in an awkward commercial savoring the food you’re chewing while your eyes are closed.

1. Try new restaurants, eateries, cafes and snack bars.
It doesn’t have to be fancy fine dining. I’ve tasted really good cafeteria food. Not all entrepreneurs/restaurateurs can afford luxurious seats and fine cutlery. Just because they don’t have that lovely interior does not mean that their food can’t be as excellent as the ones in fine dining.

2. Ask for their specialty.
You do not order seafood in a steakhouse. That’s for sure. All restaurants would be happy to serve the best one they have. From that dish, you can already get an impression of what the other items on the menu would be like.

3. Order something different.
We all have a favorite place to eat and order the “usual.” Try something new for a change and see what else you are missing out on. See what the other diner is having. Order something you don’t/can’t eat everyday.

4. Be adventurous.
Watermelon steak, deep-fried squash flowers or how about fish on a cupcake? THE WEIRDER THE BETTER. Be a curious eater. Life is too short. There are a more than a million things we have to taste.

5. Learn from it.
As a home cook or chef, get inspiration from these dishes. Dare to re-invent or re-create. To others who have developed a phobia for kitchens, a bad meal in a restaurant would be lesson never to come back. Haha!

Learn to take pleasure in this 3-time daily routine of our everyday lives!