The Hunger for Hawker Centres

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It has been more than a month since our SG trip and I’m still craving for hawker food! The mix of authentic Chinese, Malay, and Indian Cuisines in one food center is an unforgettable gastronomic experience! I even got a hawker guide book titled, “There’s No Carrot in Carrot Cake,” to help me spot and identify the best hawker dishes. I immediately laughed when i saw the title because during the first days of our trip, I ordered a fried carrot cake in one of the hawker stalls for dessert. I got confused when they handed it to me because it looked stir-fried. I really thought that it was a carrot cake CAKE that was coated with batter and deep fried. I was looking for the carrots when I started eating it. I realized after a while, that it wasn’t a dessert at all! it is actually a savory dish made by steaming grated white radish (also known as white carrot in Chinese) and rice flour till a coagulated shape is achieved. Black Carrot Cake and White carrot cake are the two varieties. The black one is generously doused with a thick dark sweet soya sauce, while the white one only contains a sprinkle of the sauce.

The best Hawker centres are also listed in the last pages of the book. I suggest you buy this on the first day of your trip if you’re open to these kinds of food trips. I admit, most hawker centers are not the most comfortable places to dine in but as long as the food is good and you have good company, then just think of it as part of the experience! (It’s hard to get a table too on lunch hours, so make sure to “chope” (meaning reserve a table, by placing a packet of tissue paper on it) before ordering!

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I'm definitely going back for this… I want to try all the hawker dishes that are in the guide book! No need to worry about gaining weight, it’s easy to lose them! Being a tourist will definitely get you walking great distances!