Ramen X? Ramen Why...

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Every week I set a certain day to shop for my ingredients and baking supplies, go to the bank, etc.. It takes me about half a day to complete my errands. I have recently discovered that my ingredients were a bit cheaper in METRO Gaisano Supermarket in Alabang. Amazingly, that new mall is connected to my all-time-favorite mall, Alabang Town Center. They have a new wings too!

I found this Japanese restaurant on the top floor of the new wing called, Ramen X. The display photo menus outside showed really delicious and inviting prices. The interior looked nice too! After a long stare at the menu, I was decided on getting the breaded Japanese hotdog (T-dog) and the yogurt soda. I’m aware that it is a ramen place but it was a hot day. Unfortunately….

This is what I got.  The one in the menu had a much thicker and browner breading. It was not crispy as I expected too. The oatmeal bun wasn’t hot either. On the bright side, the hotdog tasted great together with the Japanese mayo and Tonkatsu sauce! Reminded me of Smokey’s hotdog. For the yogurt soda, it was interesting. My aunt got the ramen. Had a taste of it.. but then it kinda lacked flavor. Hmmm.
I saw great reviews from other branches. Might this be because it just opened? I do hope they improve the breading of the T-dog.

Hopefully, their other dishes tastes better. I’m willing to give it another try if a friend insists on eating there other than that, maybe not.