Never Trust a Skinny Chef

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WHY NOT? Every time people discover that I am a pastry chef, they ALWAYS ask, “Why don’t you get fat?” or “Good thing you’re still in shape with everything that you bake.” It’s quite sad because it has been put into people’s minds that whenever they come across chefs they would somehow expect or picture them to be a bit overweight.

Through my work experience and with everyone I have met with a similar career as I do, only a few are actually overweight. Most of them are perfectly fit and weigh normal. Work in the kitchen is both physically and mentally challenging. We multitask, prepare, cook, think of the next dish, stand and walk around almost 10 hours a day. Now that to me, already sounds like a work out.

As a small business owner of the present, I entertain clients, plan, cost, shop, bake, decorate, cleanup, and deliver. There’s people skills, organizing, math, baking skills, and a huge chunk of creativity involved. And let me tell you, planning stage is the hardest. Creativity and math is the perfect combination for a headache. It’s a daily exercise for the mind and body.

I am fascinated of how different ingredients come together in one plate developing into an explosion of delicious in your taste buds. I do not eat just to simply satisfy hunger. I eat slow because I know how to appreciate and savor the flavors of each element. I eat because I enjoy it.

It is necessary that every chef should taste everything they cook before they serve no matter how long they have been making it. The reason behind that is to make sure that the quality is maintained. Why are some chefs skinny? Simple, self-control and enthusiasm.

Here are my “secrets” on how I stay in shape:
 1. Know what you eat. 
 Take time reading the menu. See what ingredients are used and how they’re cooked.

 2. Chew slowly. 
 Help your stomach digest. Practicing this helps prevent getting indigestion and a heart burn.

 3. Less rice more viands. 
 I am not a rice person. I can finish one cup if I’m hungry but I usually eat only half.

 4. Add fiber to your breakfast. 
 Oatmeal and cereals are my favorite breakfast items. I am lactose intolerant in the morning (I don’t know how that’s possible). Drinking milk helps me do the number two after breakfast.

 5. Exercise 
 I try to jog and do other sports whenever I can. My work can already tire me a lot. A hot oven and moving around the kitchen is already a day at the gym and a trip to the sauna room.

 6. My fast metabolism. 
 I eat 3-4 times a day at most with snacks in between. I do not eat huge portions that will make me feel very full every time. I think that’s the reason why I get hungry faster than others.

 7. Eat only until you are satisfied. 
 I hate feeling bloated. Especially when you can still feel the food coming back up on your throat.

 8. Veggie Dishes 
 I love playing with vegetable dishes. I cook mushroom eggplant balls, fresh tomato sauces, eggplant parmigiana, buttered veggies, vegetable spring rolls, etc. Those are already main meals that contain lots of fiber and nutrients.

 9. Seafood and Chicken 
 I find these more appealing than red meat especially when it comes to marinating them. The different flavors and seasonings come out more. They taste fresh and feel light.

 10. Avoid soft drinks 
 This is a no brainer.

 11. Room Temperature Water 
 I am not a hundred percent confident that this helps in losing weight. As a sore throat prone person, I have learned to like drinking room temperature water. Many articles say that cold water solidifies the fat while we’re eating. There’s also one that says cold water can lead to cancer or affect the lining of the stomach. Others say that it does not matter whether if it’s hot or cold. Another suggests that cold water is better especially after a work out because it cools down the body temperature. Bottom line: Water is water, there are no calories or fat in it.

 12. Fruits 
 This is what I try to eat more than pastries. Bananas, mangoes, apples, strawberries, kiwis, papayas and grapes are my favorite. I have a bad habit of frequently craving for dessert after every meal or hunting one down in the fridge for a midnight snack.

 The fact is chefs love to eat but we do not eat every chance we get. Our passion is to cook and cater to the people; not eat everything we make.

 Eat intelligently.

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  1. Your secrets.. I fail in everything! :( Hahaha