Just Incase You Were Randomly Wondering...

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This is what a frozen egg looks like. I hate it when this happens. Our refrigerator creates ice on its walls. As long as the shell didn’t crack, it is still good to use for baking. These aren’t ideal for sunny side ups or poaching anymore because the yolks are somehow gummy already.

Ever had a cake recipe that only called for egg yolks and not the whites?  Don’t throw them out and freeze them instead!
In a container gently mix the egg whites (make sure not to create and incorporate so much air in it) and place them in a sealed airtight container. I use FreezerMates from Tupperware. They store incredibly well and can last up to 1-3 months. Just make sure to smell them before use. Also, Never place them near raw meat especially if they were newly bought and have not yet been frozen (The bacteria is not yet in some state of suspended animation. Therefore, they can still creep up and contaminate other stuff in your freezer). These whites are great for making macarons, meringues, pavlovas, etc. Through hotel work experience, it’s better to use 1-5 day old egg whites for macarons.