It's Finally Here

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Posted Last January 26, 2012

Say hello to my much awaited Gourdo’s Passport! I got this a few weeks ago. I was actually disappointed with the store because they promised me that I would get it just after a month. They were two months late and and.. they didn’t even inform me, I had to go back to the store a few times just to ask if my card arrived already! I got this card when I went shopping for the unique baking pans I got on sale. P3000 is the minimum amount on a single receipt purchase inorder for you to get this passport. And then you would still have to add P200 for the card fee.

The passport can accumulate a point for every P300 worth of purchase. It also includes “boarding passes” or 10%-30% discount coupons for a lot of items like Wusthof, Lodge, Wilton, Microplane, Sleepcare, Calphalon, Wilton Certificate Courses, etc.
Ooohh… I’m getting the feeling that this might be a rip off. I guess it’s the point system.. But it’s alright, I got discount coupons!!