The Never Ending Collection of Baking Tools

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I’m not quite sure if I should be happy or frustrated that there are countless kinds of cake decorating tools. I mean, yes, they make the job easier and faster.. Still, it costs a lot of money! And aside from the fact that I’M CHEAP, some of these decorating tools are not even useful or practical. Improvising has always been my best friend. I guess, I’m lucky to have good enough hands for sculpting fondant. Plus, it will always make your work original. I always think that If I had this common cookie cutter/ fondant molder, then everybody would have it as well. Therefore, my cakes and their cakes would somehow be identical. Before buying an item, I always make it to a point that it’s a good investment.
What I ask myself when buying an item:
1. Will this be useful? What will I use it for?
2. Is this sturdy? Or is the quality worth its price?
3. How often will I be able to use this?
4. Will this make my work more unique or generic?
5. Is there a similar item with a different brand that’s cheaper?
and and…
6. DO I HAVE MONEY? Hahahaha! 
I found these polymer clay decorating tools at Hobbes and Landes

The one on the left is a petal cutter for different types of flowers. I figured that I should get this because I’m starting to get some wedding cake inquiries. Also, I really want to try to make my own instead of buying the ready-made ones that are expensive and very fragile. I think I’m ready for it. (I feel one inch closer becoming like my idol, Ron Ben-Israel of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes!) The only flower I can make right now is a rose. It usually takes a lot of time because I have to sculpt each petal by hand. The other one is used for tiny details and circular patterns of different sizes (notice the packaging!). It will be nice for adding texture.
I made sure that these were food safe first. Since they are made out of stainless steel, there’s no need to worry. There was also a pattern imprinter roller tool that I really wanted to buy but it was made out of rubber/plastic. I don’t know if it was okay to use for food. Even the store clerk didn’t know. Better to be safe than sorry!