How to Make: Rainbow Swirl Lollipop Fondant Decor

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Last week, I had to make a topsy turvy candyland cake for the very first time!! I did not take photos of how I made the topsy turvy cake because I’m still not very good at it.
I found a tutorial on a Rainbow Lollipop Polymer Clay tutorial on Youtube. So I figured it would most definitely work with marshmallow fondant too.
Tools Needed:
Your Hands
Pairing knife
Lollipop sticks (I find these better to use than cookie sticks because it has a tiny hole/hollow center. The fondant would also go inside it and will prevent it from slipping on the stick)
Small paintbrush
Small container with small amount of water


- Marshmallow Fondant of Different Colors (Mix each color with a a pinch of tylose powder. I add tylose powder when the weather is cold and moist, it hardens and dries faster. It also prevents it from softening ones exposed to room temp.)
- White Marshmallow Fondant (mixed with tylose powder too)

Step 1. Roll all the colors into balls

Step 2. Roll them out into strips

Step 3. Roll out a white piece of thick fondant. Stick the strips into the white fondant.

Step 4. Roll! You can cut the rolled piece in half so that you can easily make it longer later on.

Step 5. Roll to make it longer. Hold one end with your left hand then roll upwards with your right to get the swirl. Roll them with both hands evenly.

Step 6. Cut one end diagonally following the color of the swirl.

Step 7. Brush one side of the rainbow strip lightly with water. Roll inward to make the lollipop.

Step 8. Stop rolling when you have your desired size. Do not make really large ones, the lollipop sticks might not hold the weight. Cut diagonally and brush the end lightly with water. Stick to end your lollipop. Insert the lollipop sticks where you ended.

Step 9. Place the lollipop between your pointer finger and your thumb. Clench your to fingers a bit to seal the whole lollipop into place.

Make sure that your fondant isn’t to dry or knead them with a bit of shortening to make it softer and more elastic. Work fast! As you can see this first one that I made, had tiny cracks in between colors.
Just incase you didn’t like my tutorial. HAHA! Here’s the video I was talking about: 
All of the decor I made for this cake. Notice the mini marshmallows made out of marshmallow fondant!! Haaah!!

I placed them on a corrugated cake board with non-stick parchment paper. I let them dry 1-2 nights in an airconditioned room depending on the thickness of your decors.
Tips for drying out your decor:
1. Make sure that you have turned off the airconditioner for at least an hour or two before taking them out to a non-airconditioned room temperature area. Condensation will occur and will soften/moisten your decor. If this happens, blow dry with a clean hair dryer at least a foot away from the decor and place them back inside an airconditioned room.
2. Do not place your decor on metal trays. The trays also get cold and can also soften/moisten your decors right after switching off the airconditioner.

The finished cake: