How To Make: Instant Mash Potatoes without the Instant Taste!

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I do not exactly know why we have/why my grandmother buys instant mashed potatoes. It doesn't even taste good. I was planning to make some for tonight but then, we only had three potatoes left in the fridge. Oh yeah, potatoes/any root crop should NOT be placed in the fridge. Instead they should be placed in a dark dry place at room temp. Especially the potatoes, it will develop those nasty poisonous green spots called solanine due to light exposure. My grandma has her ways that I cannot change anymore. 

Anyway, here’s how:

1. Follow the instructions of the instant mashed potatoes..
2. Wash potatoes thoroughly. Boil potatoes. Coarsely mash them with skin. Season with Salt and Pepper.
3. Once you’ve made your instant mashed potatoes add more milk and butter.
4. Mix in some sour cream and the REAL mashed potatoes!
5. Season with Salt and Pepper
6. Before serving, finish off with more butter!

The milk and butter takes out some of the grittiness and the chemically processed potato taste.. Oh you know what I mean! And, the best part is, it makes it creamier!!