Got Lucky on Lucky Peach Magazine

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I was browsing in this mini bookstore/souvenir shop inside the Singapore Airport while we were waiting for our flight back to Manila last November 2011. I had my last 20 Singaporean dollar bill and I just couldn’t decide on what to spend it on. I didn’t want to keep it as a souvenir in my wallet because I find it pointless now that I am older and wiser. Although, as a kid, I was fond of keeping these coins and bills of different currencies that were left unspent. I regret not spending them before and until now they are slowly decaying inside my old and faded disneyland and hello kitty wallets.
I found a couple of food and wine magazines that looked interesting but I could not decide on which one to get. I saw this artsy-fartsy culinary magazine, Lucky Peach, a quarterly journal on food and writing. Just from the cover itself, it had features on Ferran Adria, Anthony Bourdain, the Arnold Palmer Cake, etc. I fell in love once I flipped through the pages. I saw really cool DOODLES, exceptional layout, amazing food photos, and guess what else… KICK ASS STICKERS!!! Only for 15.90 Singaporean dollars! Around 500 Philippine pesos.. yeah, quite expensive for a magazine. Still, I got lucky on this one ’cause the one I found in National Bookstore costs a lot more or just a bit more maybe? Forgive me for being forgetful.