From the First to Our Last: Singapore '11

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I’ve been blogging lately about our Singapore Trip. I can’t seem to get over this because it’s just such a nice, wonderful place. I’ve been to other countries too but this was was the most exciting so far. I guess it’s because of the food that really brings out their identity as a country. From Malayan, Chinese, and Indian cuisine, you’ll immediately see that even a small country can have so much culture just from their food.

On our first day we tried the, “7-Star Indian-Malay Restaurant.” They have really goooood authentic indian-malay food served in huge portions. Believe me, I FINISHED THAT GIANT PILE OF FOOD! It’s really the Biryani rice that’s a lot (I’m not a rice person that’s why I’m proud!)
Nasi Goreng

Mutton with Biryani Rice


And here’s to our last night in Singapore… ASTONS at Orchard Road!


Steak and Baked Potatooooes