Breaded Pork Chop

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Before Breading:
Paper towel dry your raw porkchops, season with salt and pepper.

For the Breading:
1. Flour Mixture: flour, salt, pepper, paprika
2. Egg Mixture: egg, mustard, milk, butter (melted and cooled)
3. Panko Breadcrumbs (Japanese Breadcrumbs)
4. Coat and dip in order.

1. Heat oil, shallow fry (oil fills up at least 1/4 of your pan).
2. When hot enough, fry your chops. brown each side, lower the heat for it to cook through.

1. Drain the oil of your frying pan.
2. Saute garlic and white onions on the same pan (make sure it’s not that oily anymore). Add flour (acts as a thickener) and coat the garlic and onions while sauteing.
3. Deglaze (swirling a small amount of liquid in a pan) with chicken stock or brothcube (1/4 of the cube will do) dissolved in water.
4. Mix with a whisk. If not thick enough, In a cup add water/stock/remaining dissolved broth liquid, add flour and mix to dissolve. Slowly add it to your pan. Mix until it thickens. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Strain.