Baking My Future

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Posted Last January 9, 2012

Exactly a month and 11 days ago, it was Midnight Snacks’ first birthday (November 29th). It got me thinking, “wow, that’s 365 days of cake and pastry business, what should I do now?” I knew that quitting the business wasn’t an option because of these certain reasons:

1. My giant-ass oven I got for more than 6 months ago
2. The endless collection of baking pans I have
3. The consistent number of cake and pastry orders I get (Thank GOD for that!.. and Facebook)

 And and then…I remembered…

 4. I just got a new mixer for Midnight Snacks’ birthday that probably weighs thrice as much as I do or even more (YEAH, it took 3 people to carry that thing inside our house)

There’s no turning back now! I guess it’s more of the “fear” that got me thinking if I should still be doing this baking thing. So, instead of having second thoughts… I came to realize that these are the THINGS that kept me going and just saw how far I’ve come in my one-woman-show of a business.
As for some sort of a mini celebration. I then decided to give an apple pie to the very first customer! Luckily, he’s a friend of mine who has been supportive of this business from even before I actually started it. Also, I decided to treat the folks at home with pizza! Here’s some proof! (Because people know I’m cheap/PRACTICAL, hahaha)

Plans for the future?
1. Come up with unique cupcake flavors/new pastries (which I’ll be working on starting this month and let my opinionated friends taste it)
2. Invest on equipments
3. The room for IMPROVEMENT! This will probably include, some recipe adjustments, costing sheets, suppliers, and packaging
4. Double/triple the sales for this year (Just because if it does, I already have plans for the year after this one)
5. Always update website/blog
6. Avoid procrastination
I’m turning 20 in a few months and I believe that age comes with people expecting more out of me.