A Reintroduction

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I'm having trouble starting this blog simply because of this very first post I am about to make. Is it necessary to have an introduction? Can't we move on to a second post? Wait, that makes no sense. Technically it would still be the first post. Well anyway, I am simply transferring my wordpress blog to blogspot. My business website is running low on space.

Then again, I hate the previous introduction I made for the old blog.

Food is my first love. Experimenting with different ingredients in the kitchen is my kind of sorcery. Among many other loves I have are art, travel, movies, bad-ass TV series, doodling, good music, outdoor activities, food-related events, random bazaars, clothing, shoes and occasionally, sports.

I make edible art for a living. To be more specific and share too much information, I started a home-based business of personalized cakes and pastries, Midnight Snacks, two years ago right after my internship in one of Manila's 5-star hotels and graduating cooking school. Starting a home-based business may not be as difficult as putting up a store, restaurant, cafe, or a bakeshop but it was in fact challenging. Coming up with a name, product costing, looking for suppliers, packaging and recipe testing were one of the first must-do’s in starting a home-based business. Advertising my products was next up. I must say, thank God for Facebook! Of course my friends and family were also on a full support on this. I started during the Christmas season of 2010. Believe me, I never did think that it would continue up to now. It was supposedly “a mini-christmas-2010-baking-business-only” just until I find a restaurant/hotel that can gain more culinary experience from as an employee. More than 350 boxes was the big number I sold for that Christmas season alone and it did not stop there, surprisingly more clients inquired about personalized fondant cakes and cupcakes. As the business went on, my mind has exploded with crazy ideas for unique flavors of pastries. Just to give an idea of how insane my ideas developed, ever tried caramelized fish on a cupcake or something with chunks of red egg inside?
“Behind the Snacks” blog is where I write about my culinary and baking adventures, Midnight Snacks' progress and some extremely random and off topic things that interest me. “Larisse Gastronomique” is some sort of title I made up for myself inspired from the great cooking encyclopedia, Larousse Gastronomique (it coincidently sounds like my name, Larisse, if you haven’t noticed). You see, the word gastronomique/gastronomy has several meanings that really fits my interest on cooking: 1. it’s the art and science of food eating (check) 2. it’s the study of food and culture (check). Thus, Larisse Gastronomique, the person behind Midnight Snacks.

That’s about it!

Keep eating smart,