A Must Try!!!

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Not really. I’m being very sarcastic about this Pistachio French Macaron my sister bought from Bon Appetea. She wasn’t sure if it really tasted awful so, she let me have a bite of the unfinished one.

Details! Hmm. Where do I even start? The whole macaron did not taste like it had almond powder, one of the main ingredient aside from the egg whites. It’s just too sweet and tasted like too much bad artificial food coloring. No pistachio taste whatsoever. Most horrible part was the buttercream.. bad sweet sweet shortening taste.
I’m aware that macarons made in our country are sweeter. That’s because our climate is very humid. it needs more sugar for it to rise nicely. Real French Macarons (according to our pastry chef instructor who studied in France) taste less sweet and so much better than the ones we have here. One of the good macarons I have tried are from Bizu. Still sweet, but delicious. My favorite would have to be the Valrhona chocolate flavor.
Macarons are a trend right now. I get it… but if it was this bad, just come up with something else or at least try to improve it and compare with other macarons available in the market.