A Cookie Craving: Starbucks’ Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie

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Close friends and family know this very well… I cannot make good chocolate chip cookies. Believe me, I have tried. From super chewy sticky to pancake flat and burnt chocolate chips. I have given up on this a long time ago. Ask me to make anything else just not choco chip cookies please.

As a child up to the present, I have always been a milk-and-cookies girl. I can have this any time of the day! Chewy Chips Ahoy and Soft Batch (no luck trying to recreate these too) are my favorite supermarket cookies. I’m not a fan of crisp and hard ones, they don’t absorb well dipped into milk.

Just recently, I discovered the Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie from Starbucks. It isn’t hard or extremely chewy; just the right kind of texture. You can have it warmed, which is what I prefer. The dark chocolate chunks complement the slight sweetness of the cookie. The macadamia nuts complete this. It adds that “bite,” making this cookie very interesting to eat… and quick to finish.