Why Millennials Prefer Being their own Boss

The times have indeed changed. Technology has all but taken over the world and the characteristics of people have drastically changed through the course of time. Lifestyle choices now are also vastly different from before. That said, enter Generation Y, otherwise known by many as Millennials.

Millennials are often misunderstood by many, especially in terms of their lifestyle and career choices. From wanting to start up their own companies to choosing to work in virtual offices in areas like Manila, the corporate aspects of employment have been somewhat considered “obsolete” in the sense where most millennials simply don’t want to work in the traditional sense, but rather take on more innovative and ingenious approaches to work.

To better explain the concept, here are some reasons as to why millennials prefer being their own boss:

1.  They’re motivated by their own personal goals in Life

This one is sort of a broad statement. Essentially, millennials are so focused on their own aspirations in life that they are driven to do what it takes to reach it. When millennials are employed and they feel like resigning after a period of time because they might feel like it’s going nowhere, they just simply lost the drive to stay and want to venture to new heights. It’s a characteristic that’s often misunderstood, yet, applauded by many as millennials actually show the courage to redefine themselves not just as employees, but as human being as well.

2.  They would rather work at their own pace

No one likes it when they’re suddenly stacked with deadlines to meet. But by being their own boss in their respective fields, they have the ability to set their work at their own pace. No matter how long it could take, rest assured that millennial employees will still deliver their full potentials and make sure the output of their work is of the best quality.

3.  They thrive better in a carefree work environment

The feeling of being pressured to meet deadlines and other expectations is not something one likes to feel. When an office space promotes things like board games, snack bars, and something like an all-you-can-eat buffet, the atmosphere it emits  can motivate any millennial to work extra hard for the reward of just sitting back with their feet up.

If they’re being their own boss, the value they would want to instill into their employees is to “work hard, play hard”.

4.  They set their own rules and regulations to abide by

It’s not because they detest authority but, as mentioned before, they just choose to take on a new approach with how they work. When they become their own bosses at their own companies, they will now have the ability to set their own company rules, regulations and other policies for themselves and their employees to abide by. Also, they’re a bit more lenient on the rules they make but nonetheless strict on having them followed.

Times have changed for everyone but it doesn’t mean that tradition should be completely disregarded. With millennials preferring to work by themselves, for themselves, think of modern employment as “reinventing” the times. Besides, they are among the independent people you see nowadays, focusing on putting their plans to fruition and taking matters in their own hands all while expecting the many forms of authority.

If you think about it, corporations can learn a thing or two about millennials. They work at their fullest, while making work as fun as it can be.

What Type of Driver Are You?

In today’s digital age, more and more personality quizzes are incessantly being created. For this reason, these personality quizzes have become so popular – from Facebook, Twitter, and even on magazines – you can see these types of quizzes everywhere over the internet. Amongst these personality quizzes, one quiz stood out the most – which is the driver personality test.

It is no great secret that the number of car enthusiasts are ceaselessly increasing. More and more people are taking time to see and check different car brands such as Ford, Honda, and Toyota by visiting their websites. This is the very reason why the driver personality test has been the talk of the town now.

According to the number of personality tests about driver behavior, these are the types of driver that are present in the road today:

·         The Teacher
·         The Know-It-All
·         The Competitor
·         The Punisher
·         The Philosopher
·         The Avoider
·         The Escapee
·         The Peacemaker
·         The Safety Stickler
·         The Uneasy Rider

Now let’s discuss these personalities thoroughly.

The Teacher
The Teacher is thee one who makes sure that other drivers know what they have done wrong on the road. As a result, the teacher expects to gain recognition for his/her efforts in teaching fellow drivers.

The Know-It-All
This type of driver arrogantly thinks that he/she is surrounded by incompetent fools and noobs on the road. The Know-It-All type of drivers always contents themselves by means of shouting and cursing disdainfully at other drivers while being protected and secured inside of their own vehicles.

The Competitor
The Competitor drivers are the ones that feel the need of being ahead of everyone on the road. When this need is not fulfilled, he/she then feels annoyed.  As a result, the competitors will then have a tendency to accelerate and over speed when someone on the road tries to overtake or take a close gap to them.

The Punisher
The Punisher types are somewhat the road rage drivers of the highway. When other drivers misbehave or made a mistake while driving, the punishers then have that feeling of punishing them by getting out of their car and approaching or confronting the other driver/s directly.

The Philosopher
The Philosopher drivers are the opposite of the Punisher drivers. This type of drivers usually accepts misbehaviors and mistakes on the road easily and tries to explain these unfortunate circumstances rationally. Moreover, the Philosophers consistently manages their feelings in the comfort of their vehicle.

The Avoider
This type of driver surprisingly treats misbehaving drivers impersonally. In other words, they dismisses disobedient drivers as a hazard.

The Escapee
The Escapee type of drivers that distracts themselves by means of talking to the phone or listening to music while driving. They do this in order to sheath themselves on the things that is happening on the road. In addition, the escapee drivers use this as a strategy so that they will not get frustrated in the first place.

The Peacemaker
This type of road drivers refers to the laid-back motorists who literally avoids trouble and confrontation while on the road. The Peacemakers are usually not in favor of additional regulations and are really courteous to other road drivers.

The Safety Stickler
The Safety Stickler drivers are the type of persons that are strictly follows the traffic and road rules by heart. These are also the type of drivers that are in favor of stricter road and traffic rules for motorists and stiff penalties for law breakers.

The Uneasy Rider
The Uneasy Rider group are the type of drivers that are not in favor of tightening traffic laws. For this reason, they tend to drive too quickly even though they may get across to other road users.

Key Takeaway

Given all these type of personalities on the road, which one of these do you think you are?

DIY Tips To Prevent Termites

One of the most annoying infestations you can experience is that of termites. First, they cause damage to your house that will cost you a lot of money and time. Second, they work in high numbers which makes them hard to get rid of. Termite infestations will usually occur in areas where the soil is rich in moisture because termites, essentially, rely on the moisture of the soil to survive.

If you’re experiencing problems with termites, you can read on and be educated on the ways to control the termites that lurk inside and around your house!

Liquid Termiticide
Also known as barrier termite treatment, this process is done by pouring liquid termiticide into the crawl space where the termites use to enter a structure or house. The liquid should reach all the way to the soil where the ants get their daily dose of moisture, when it reaches the soil, the termiticide seals the soil and makes it inaccessible to the termites which will eventually kill them off.

By choosing this method, it will garner faster results but if certain criteria are achieved, the difficulty will increase. If you have an existing termite infestation, and you see where they enter and exit your house or structure, you just have to pour the termiticide inside the crawl space and you’re all set! But, if you can’t detect the crawl space, drilling will be required - which will be exponentially harder if you drill through concrete and other hard materials.

Another thing to take note of is: non repellent termiticides are actually more effective than the repellent termiticides! This is because when you use repellent termiticides, they seal off the soil, but the termites smell the seal as a repellent and they can maneuver to avoid the sealed part and can find soil that was not sealed. But, when you use the non-repellent termiticide, when it seals off the soil, the termites can’t detect the sealed part, hence, they can’t maneuver and look for other soil that were not sealed.

Termite Bait

Using bait to stop your termite infestation will be an effective way but it will take up a longer amount of time. Instead of using chemicals on the soil, you can scatter termite bait around the structure or house will attract the termites inside, and they’ll come outside to eat the bait, and when they eat it, they will eventually die. You can also use the termite bait to know the areas where the termites are located in. When one of the baits are eaten but the others aren’t then that means that the termites are located around the area where the bait was eaten.

Termite baits work the best when you live in areas where the conditions are against the use of termiticides, such as areas around bodies of water. Or if you want to avoid using insecticides around your house then you can opt to use the termite baits to approach the termite infestation in an organic way.

Termite infestations will always be an irritating occurrence, all you need to know is that they are certainly treatable, and you can even eliminate their nests. You need to do the appropriate research to do your termite pest control because if you do it wrong, you’ll be damaging the soil around your house - or even the house itself.

*This is a gust post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only.*

Self Med-Kit: 4 Drugs You Can Buy To Fight The Summer Flu

With summer peeking around the corner, the potential dangers that the heat will bring will cause a myriad of diseases or sicknesses that can harm you! Which is why it’s good to stock up on the medication for the common sicknesses during summer! Also visiting the nearest drugstore around you will never be a hassle because it has never been a sin to buy something that can alleviate any problem that your body experiences!

So, to help you gain knowledge that pertains to the medicines that you need to stock up on, here’s a list!

#1. Decongestant

Decongestants can be pretty helpful to alleviate the congestion in your nasal or sinus area. Unlike other medications that cause drowsiness, decongestants have the inverse effect to the human body that make people who had ingested the medicine to be hyperactive, and it can also keep you awake for a period of time! So, when taking decongestants to help with the problem with you sinus/nasal area, make sure that you’re taking it at a time where you don’t need to rest or sleep because it will only keep you awake and hyper, and can actually keep you away from that rest that you so desperately need.

#2. Antihistamine

On the other hand, if you have a runny nose, or a serious case of post-nasal dripping, you can take antihistamines to help you stop that annoying occurrence of having snot dripping down your nose. Also, if you have itchy and watery eyes, antihistamines could also help you. Remember: when taking antihistamines, make sure that you have time to rest after the ingestion because this medicine will make you drowsy! So, after taking the medicine, get that well-needed rest to help speed up your recovery period.

Also, along with the decongestant, both these medicines have the capability to mix poorly with other medicines, such as those that you take to help with heart problems. Another thing to take note of is, decongestants and antihistamines are detrimental to people who have high blood pressure, because they can potentially increase the pressure and will entail having dangerous health problems.

#3. Ibuprofen

To alleviate the pain from having the flu, you can take ibuprofen to help you! It is mainly used to help lessen physical pain that you may experience, and it can also help you reduce the fever that you’re experiencing. It effectively works because it stops your body’s ability to produce substances that cause inflammation or swelling, which will directly alleviate the pain you experience because the whole inflammatory process is halted!

But, you should remember that a fever is our body’s reaction to foreign bacteria or viruses that illegally entered our bodies! That’s why most doctors would recommend that when you have a fever, it’s better to let it be rather than taking medications to immediately make the fever disappear. Why? Because the fever is actually “burning” or “attacking” the foreign body that entered! Basically, fevers can be a good thing because it automatically energizes your immune system, and it help with the process of fighting bacterias and viruses.

The heat that summer brings will always be a potential danger to any person’s health. The main thing to focus on about is to know which medications to take when you get sick. Or, better yet, avoid getting sick by regularly taking you daily dose of vitamin C and other essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals!

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*

How To Make The Most Out of a Vacation

For most of us, vacations are times where we treat ourselves to services or places that we would have otherwise not experienced during the working season.  Each person has preferences that they want to fulfill during their vacation; some want to go to the beach, some stay at home and relax, some want spa treatments, and some just want to go out with long-time friends. But, there are times when people often think about their vacations a little too much and they tend to focus on the details of their vacations instead of simply enjoying their free time. This is a common occurrence to those who rarely spend theirs times on vacation, but it can still happen to ordinary people that go on vacations. Simply put, vacations should be enjoyed but some forget the essence of it, and instead shift their focus to unnecessary details.

If you’re on of those people, then here’s something that can help you make the most of your vacation and enjoy it in it’s totality.

#1. Take it Slow

Yes, we know that you’re excited, but you don’t have to plan out everything that will happen in your vacation. You can potentially ruin your vacation by preparing an itinerary that contains too many activities, conversely, preparing an itinerary that contains too little activities will also ruin your vacation. The key here is balance, consider the length of your vacation, and make your itinerary in accordance to the length. Making an itinerary that has many activities for a two-night stay will only ruin your vacation.

If you didn’t know, “slow-travel” is a thing; when travelling, take your time in each destination. This will sure give you fewer places to travel in, but with the time you spend in each place, you’ll have a more intimate travel experience.

#2. Avoiding the Feeling of Work

Most of the time, working-class people are the ones that desperately need a vacation, but what often happens is that before they go to their vacation, most of them would work overtime to not leave anything unfinished while they go on vacation. But, what mostly happens is that because of their overtime in work, instead of being energized because of the vacation, they become tired and have no urge to explore the place that they’re travelling to. Another occurrence is that when on vacation, people already wrack their minds on what will happen when they return to work - or worse, people from work contact them regarding a work problem. Don’t fret because if this happens to you, there are some ways that you can do to avoid experiencing these things.

Before your vacation - at least a week before - spend extra time at work finishing the things that need to be done instead of doing it a day before your work. In this way, you can remain energized during your vacation. For those people that experience the second occurrence, you can avoid this by informing your colleagues about your vacation leave a few days or weeks before it actually happens. By doing this, you can indirectly influence them that whatever they need to tell you, they should do it before or after your trip. And, practicing mindfulness while at your trip will keep you away from the thoughts of work while you’re in your vacation.

Enjoying a vacation is hard for anyone, but with the things that was stated above, you can enjoy it to the fullest of your heart!

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only.*

Ways to Create an Amazing Customer Experience

Presently, more and more venturing business persons are aiming to create a successful enterprise. They spend more time and effort on making their products and services better. But what they do not know is that they should also focus on making their customer experience great, especially in a customer acquisition career.

For this reason, here are some of the most effective ways to create an amazing customer service that will ultimately lead their business to success.

Identify Where is the Customer in the Customer Journey
Knowing where your customers are in the customer journey is the primary step in creating and attaining an amazing customer experience. Are the customers just browsing through your page and your products? Or are they purchasing from time to time? When your customers look for a certain product but are unsure of which brand is the best choice, they will most likely be in one of these four vital stages:

§  Discovery
This is the first stage of the customer journey – when your customers are just looking but not yet ready to purchase something. Offering and providing them with reliable and accurate information about your brand, product, and service will greatly aid them to move on to the next stage.

§  Assessment
The assessment stage is when your customers are thinking thoroughly about their needs and how a particular brand, product, and service will help them. By this stage, your customers still have still a lot of queries point. This is why they will still reach out to your business or company directly to find out more of the product and service that you offer.

§  Selection
In this stage, your customers are already prepared to make a decision about the specific product that they will purchase from your business or company. When this happens, you have to make sure that you have built a rock-solid trust between you and your customer by offering personalized deals that can ultimately lead to your customer making a purchase.

§  Purchase
As a customer firmly decides about the product that your company offers, then they will finally purchase it from you.

These four stages in the customer’s journey is an essential factor in creating an amazing customer experience. By remembering these phases, you are ensured that you know where your customers stand and can confidently pinpoint what problems your customers may encounter with.

Use Marketing Tools in Creating a Personalized Customer Experience
In today’s digital age, there are a number of marketing tools that you can use in order to make your job a lot easier. In addition, these marketing tools can also aid you to generate better results for your business. But in order to attain this, you must first have enough knowledge and a better understanding of who your customer is. As a result, this will help you in knowing where your customer stands in the customer journey and you can freely and effectively use these marketing tools.

Given that we live in a digital era, there are a lot of marketing tools’ categories and platforms that can help you and your business to obtain the right funnel and acquire customers in the process:

§  Analytics
Analytic tools will enable you to thoroughly evaluate customer behavior. Additionally, it will also help you to find out the effectiveness of conversion funnels and traffic channels.

§  Helpdesk
Having a help desk to aid your customers is one of the best marketing tools any business can have. By acquiring and obtaining a help desk, you are systematically answering queries in a timely way. Remember that email is not enough when you are controlling and managing a whole business.

§  Social Media Automation
Hootsuite, Buffer, and other social media applications will ultimately enable you to schedule posts in advance. Additionally, you can also use these social media applications and platforms to track the social interactions you are getting.

Monitor and Understand the Customer Behavior
Keeping a keen eye on your customers can greatly help you to make further improvements to your product offerings and sales process. This is why analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Lucky Orange, and Online Conversion Insights will ultimately play an essential role in your business or company.

What you need to look at is where your customers are located, what device are they using to access your business’ website, how your leads are discovering you, how many times a visitor has visited and viewed your site, and how many purchases they’ve made. By understanding your customers and their interests, they will surely notice it and the more you gain leverage amongst your competitors in the market. Additionally, this will ultimately provide you with valuable insights and reflections that you can use and adapt for your next step.

Key Takeaway
Creating, procuring, and attaining an amazing customer experience is not all about your products. Though your business or company’s products are important, but then, selling your product is not entirely the solution. Remember that you should also vend experience. When you provide the experience, then the customers will love you and they will surely keep coming back for more.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only*

4 Places That Make Full Use of Renewable Energy

The industry of renewable energy has been booming for the past few years and has recorded an incredible growth as well. Today, various eco-friendly initiatives and habits, such as the growing wind farms in Denmark, creation of the concentrated solar plant in Morocco, and patronizing affordable prices of solar panels in the Philippines, among others, are being supported by millions of people across the globe.  

Opting for renewable energy is one of the efficient ways to go green and conserve the current condition of the environment. True to this, several places around the world are participating in green movement and going renewable.

Let’s take a look at the places around the world that embrace renewable energy.

Did you know that as of today China owns five of the world’s six largest solar-module manufacturing firms? China is exerting so much effort to strengthen its dominance in global renewable energy through its world’s largest electricity utility, largest wind-turbine manufacturer, and world’s largest lithium ion manufacturer. In addition, China is also being committed in removing out coal as they help in cleaning the polluted air.

Costa Rica
Almost 99% of Costa Rica’s electricity in 2015 was obtained entirely in renewable enery. Costa Rica maybe small, however, it is rich in natural resources. This is why the country still meets the huge amount of energy they need. The country uses a mix of geothermal, hydro, and wind energy. Furthermore, Costa Rica wishes to be completely carbon-neutral by the year 2020.

Denmark is known for its leading wind energy production. In fact, in 2015, Denmark grew 42% of its electricity through wind turbines. Three-quarters of the country’s wind capacity develops from the onshore wind farms, which are supported by the government. With the availability of strong winds in the country, Denmark will definitely achieve their goal to be 100% fossil fuel free by the year 2050.

Did you know that Sweden will be the first nation in the world to go 100% fossil fuel-free? Sweden’s energy use is mainly based on renewable energy, specifically solar power, wave power, and bioenergy. Before achieving this, Sweden invested in the research about the possible alternative energy sources. In addition, the adoption of new technologies in this country makes it easier for Sweden to utilize renewable energy throughout the country. Moreover, Swedenaims to run completely on renewable energy by the year 2040.

These countries prove that solutions to environmental problems are growing every day, especially with the advent of technology and availability of cutting-edge technologies today. It is just up to us how we can use the available resources in creating a better and sustainable environment.  

Going green is not as hard as it may seem. In fact, we can even start small at home. Simple habits, such as recycling, composting, consuming organic food, and using less energy are few of the easiest and effective ways to help in conservation and protection of our Mother Earth.

*This is a guest post by Justin Estor and is for informational purposes only.*